St. John's University (Taiwan)

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St. John’s University
Location Tamsui District, New Taipei, Taiwan
St. John's University
Traditional Chinese 聖約翰科技大學

St. John’s University (SJU; Chinese: 聖約翰科技大學) is a university in Tamsui District, New Taipei, Taiwan. It is the successor institution of the former St. John’s University and St. Mary’s Hall in Shanghai, two well-known education institutions founded in 1879 and 1918, respectively, by Bishop John Schereschewsky of the American Episcopal Church. The distinguished alumni of these two excellent schools have made remarkable contributions to the world and to society, including working to restore their schools’ legacy on Taiwan.


In 1952, the Chinese Communists forced St. John’s University in Shanghai to give up its name and merge with other universities. In response to the loss of the school’s identity, a group of distinguished alumni in Taiwan resolved to restore their alma mater in Taipei. In 1961, with the approval of the American Episcopal Church in Taiwan, the alumni of St. John’s University, in conjunction with the alumnae of the former St. Mary’s Hall of Shanghai, enthusiastically donated money to purchase land in the town of Tamsui in Taipei County for the school campus.[1][2]

In 1967, The Ministry of Education authorized the school to open as a five-year junior college of Industry and named it after its location, Hsin-pu (新埔). Nonetheless, its English name—St. John’s & St. Mary’s Institute of Technology—continued to honor the history and traditions of the alumni’s two illustrious alma maters. In 1993, the school was accredited as an Institute of Business and Industry; and then, because of its excellent educational reputation, upgraded its status to an Institute of Technology in 1999. After decades of work to fulfill the aspirations of its alumni at home and abroad, the school’s official Chinese name was changed on October 10, 2003, from 新埔技術學院 (Hsinpu Institute of Technology) to 聖約翰技術學院 (St. John’s & St. Mary’s Institute of Technology). On August 1, 2005, after constant and collective efforts, the school was officially upgraded to a University of Science and Technology, and was able to restore its original school name, St. John’s University (SJU).

The founder of the school was Dr. James C. L. Wong, the first Chinese Bishop of the Taiwan Episcopal Church. Dr. Vivien Yen was the school’s first president, and Bishop James C. L. Wong was its first board chairman. The succeeding chairpersons have been Dr. George K. C. Yeh( Acting Chair); Bishop James T. M. Pong; and, since 1972, Dr. Cecilia Koo. Past presidents, in addition to Dr. Yen, were Bishop James Pong, Professor William Yue-Jen Hsia, Dr. Yeh Chi-Tung, and Dr. Andrew C. Chang. Dr. Peter Tuen-Ho Yang has served as president since August 1, 2002. Through every period of stewardship, from the first chairperson of the preparatory committee, Dr. Vivien Yen, to the present chairperson of the board of trustees, Dr. Cecilia Koo; and under the leadership of all of the school’s presidents, St. John’s University has always had at its heart the spirit of the Episcopal Church. It has inherited the core values of the former St. John’s University and St. Mary’s Hall in Shanghai, which has inspired the school’s distinguished academic and ethics programs, rich student life, and outstanding religious activities. The school motto—Talent serves virtue, Learning serves society (德以輔才,學以致用)--expresses the university’s deep commitment to providing a well-rounded education and to nurturing exceptionally qualified professionals who have high ethical standards and humanitarian values.

Academic departments[edit]

College of Engineering

  • Master’s Program in Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Department of Mechanical and Computer Aided Engineering
  • Graduate School of Automation and Mechatronics

College of Electrical-Electronic and Computer Engineering

  • Master’s Program in Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Master’s Program in Electronic Engineering
  • Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
  • Department of Computer and Communication Engineering

College of Business and Management

  • Department of Information Management
  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of International Business
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Marketing and Logistics Management
  • Department of Fashion Administration & Management (The first one and the only one fashion management department in Taiwan)

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Department of Applied English
  • Department of Digital Literature and Arts
  • Department of Leisure Sports and Health Management

Research Laboratories[edit]

Department of Mechanical and Computer Aided Engineering

  • Precision Instrument Center

Dean, Dr. Rwei-Ching Chang

The Precision Instrument Center (PIC) of St. John’s University was founded on April 26, 2006 with the purposes of improving teaching quality and promoting high-tech researching calibers. The PIC has integrated Opto-Mechatronics Research Center(OMRC) and High Speed Circuit Board(HSPCB) Research Center of this school, it is installed with valued instruments and equipment (Clean Room and Sputter are donated by alumnus) to support teaching and the R&D works for the academic and industrial users.

Research Focus:

Education Programs Offered

  • Semiconductor Technology Program
  • Electric Properties Measuring and Testing Program
  • Physical Properties Measuring and Testing Program
  • Micro Mechatronical Technology Program
  • Nano Science and Technology Program
  • Semiconductor Equipment Program

Research Fields

  • High Dielectric oxidize Electric Characteristic Research of Silicon Semiconductor
  • Electric Characteristic and Etching Research of Porous Silicon
  • Printed Circuit Board Dielectric Material Characteristic Research
  • High Frequency Electric Circuit Designing
  • Cordless Reception System Making
  • Nano Technology Research
  • TFT Making and Analysis
  • Micro Mechatronical System Making and Analysis

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