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St.John and Robertsville are two unincorporated communities in Gadsden County, Florida, United States. They are located near the intersection of Old Philadelphia Road and Old Bainbridge Road. Unlike some people think, the communities are not a part of the Mount Pleasant area. They recently had a zipcode change which split the community into two zipcodes, however the community considers itself a part of Quincy. They are approximately 5 miles outside of the city limits of Quincy, Florida. St. John borders the city of Gretna and the Robertsville community borders the Georgia state line, Attapugus, Georgia, Faceville, Georgia and Chattahoochee, Florida. These two communities are usually spoken of and thought of together although they are separate and distinct. St.John is known for its school, St.John's elementary school,[1] the St.John/Robertsville park, the St.John volunteer fire department and most recently the St.John Church of God in Christ,.[2][3] The church has been a staple in the community for over 50 years but is noted because of its new building on Old Philadelphia highway. The church was featured in the local newspaper The Gadsden County Times,[4] because of its expansion. The church was also granted St. John Church of God in Christ day in May 2010 by then commission chair Angela Sapp. The church has launched many Christian leaders over the years, such as Nicky Yarborough [5] These achievements have made St.John Church of God In Christ #86 among the top 1000 black (African-American) churches.[6] Other churches in the area include the St. John AME church. It is also known for the McCloud’s Assisted Living Facility, which was the oldest assisted living facility in Quincy, Florida until it closed in 2006 due to health concerns of the administrator. The community is proud of its growth and achievements. St. John shares its facilities with Robertsville (its closest neighbor) and other communities in Gadsden County. It also borders the city of Gretna, Florida. The communities associate themselves with the city of Quincy as their city.


St.John is located at 30°39′26″N 84°41′28″W / 30.65722°N 84.69111°W / 30.65722; -84.69111Coordinates: 30°39′26″N 84°41′28″W / 30.65722°N 84.69111°W / 30.65722; -84.69111 (30.65722, -84.69111).[7]

Government and infrastructure[edit]

The Robertsville-St. Johns Volunteer Fire Department operates one fire station.[8]


Gadsden County School District operates public schools serving the community. There is one public high school, Gadsden County High School (formerly East Gadsden High School), which became the sole public high school in the county in 2017 when East Gadsden and the high school division of West Gadsden High School merged.[9]

The district operated St. John Elementary School until it closed in July 2017.[10]


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