St. Johns River Shipbuilding Company

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St. Johns River Shipbuilding Company
Industry Shipbuilding
Founded April 1942
Defunct August 1945
Headquarters Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Products Liberty ships
Number of employees
20,000 (1944)
Parent Merrill-Stevens

The St. Johns River Shipbuilding Company was created in Jacksonville, Florida, during World War II to build Liberty ships.[1]

Company history[edit]

The company was established by local shipbuilder and repairer, Merrill-Stevens, with $17 million invested by the United States Maritime Commission.[2] The company began operations in April 1942. Between then and August 1945 it produced 82 ships. The workforce grew from an initial 258 to 7,000 by August 1942, and to 20,000 by 1944. The yard was closed in August 1945.[3]

Ships built[edit]

List of ships built by St. Johns River Shipbuilding Company:

Full list:[4]


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