St Joseph's Roman Catholic High School, Newport

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Coordinates: 51°33′26″N 3°01′25″W / 51.5573°N 3.0236°W / 51.5573; -3.0236 St. Joseph's RC High School is a secondary high school on the outskirts of Newport, Wales.

School uniform[edit]

Male pupils in the school aged 11–16 wear grey school trousers, a blue button-up shirt, a tie, and a blazer; a navy jumper is optional (this uniform is also used within warm conditions). Blazers and jumpers are to have the school badge attached. Females ages 11–16 are expected to wear black grey trousers or skirts, with a school badge, a blue button-up shirt, a blazer, and tie; a navy jumper is optional. For both genders, the school advises pupils to wear thick coats during colder weather. Sixth Form students aged 17–18 wear a modified uniform.

Core subjects[edit]

English, Mathematics and Science lessons typically take place three times a week at Key Stage Three. Year 7 students are offered a fortnightly lesson using the school's libraries, completing research activities, and reading tasks.

The school elects a student from Mathematics and Science lessons as 'Mathematician' or 'Scientist' of the Month, along with a Student of the Month, across Key Stage Three. Students are awarded a certificate and a book voucher.

Extracurricular activities and clubs[edit]

The school offers extracurricular sports groups, including Science, Drama, Netball, Football, Rugby, and Hockey clubs. The school also hosts a Reading Group and Reading Buddy Scheme. Activities are offered to students across Key Stages 3 and 4, and are operated by older Sixth Form students.

The school is also involved in trips and other outdoor activities. GCSE pupils and sixth-formers will experience curricular topics from subjects like Geography and History in the local environment and at historic sites across the UK.

The school competes in the Young Enterprise competition, where pupils get to start and run their own business. In 2007 the team received a series of prizes:[1]

  • Runner Up: Gwent Best Company Overall
  • Runner Up: Best Use of IT
  • First Place: Company Report
  • Runner Up: Best Trade Stand

In 2008 it bettered these results winning:- [2]

  • 1st Prize in every category at the Newport and Monmouthshire Young Enterprise 2008 final

In the Gwent Final they won;

  • Best Company Report
  • Best Trade Stand
  • Runner-up Best Company
  • Best presentation


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