St. Joseph High School and Ascension Collegiate

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Coordinates: 53°33′14″N 113°30′33″W / 53.55389°N 113.50917°W / 53.55389; -113.50917

St. Joseph High School
10830 109 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 3C1
School type Secondary school
Motto "No Glory Without Effort"
Religious affiliation(s) Roman Catholic
Founded 1931
School board Edmonton Catholic School District
Superintendent Joan Carr
Area trustee Rudy Arcilla
Principal Mr. Brad Koshka
Grades 10-12
Enrollment 850
Language English, French, Spanish, Italian
Colour(s) Blue & White
Team name Saints

St. Joseph Catholic High School is a secondary school in the Edmonton area.[citation needed] In a Guided Customized Learning program, students develop the essential skills required to build effective working relationships with their peers and faculty. The faculties objective is to help all students gain the essential skills required to be a self-directed learner upon graduating from this high school. St. Joseph is a member of the Canadian Coalition of Self-Directed Learners and is the only Self-Directed Learning school in Canada to offer International Baccalaureate[1]. The Jean Forest All Girls Leadership Academy is also located within the high school.


St. Joseph High School first opened in 1931 as the first high school for the Catholic boys in the Edmonton region. In the 1950s with the closing of St. Mary’s High School, St. Joseph opened its doors to girls.[2] Since the early 2000s, St. Joseph's High School has offered self-directed learning programs (See Guided Customized Learning below).

Programs of Study[edit]

Within these programs exists the Jean Forest Leadership Academy (JFLA) and Career Skills Centre. The Jean forest Leadership Academy is an all girls program that allows girls to work alongside other girls within the confines of their school. The Career Skills Centre, housed at St. Joseph High School, is Edmonton Catholic School District’s new centralized technical and trade career education site. The Skills Centre allows students from around the district to take part in CTS programs not necessarily available at their home school.

Guided Customized Learning[edit]

In a Guided Customized Learning (GCL) program, students develop the essential skills required to build effective working relationships with their peers and faculty. At St. Joseph, the following methods have been put in place to ensure that students become self-directed learners:

Teacher Advisor (TA)[edit]

Every student is assigned a TA that monitors their progress daily. Course Advisors are in constant contact with the TA, collaborating on how to best support each student.The TA helps the student plan their school day during morning and afternoon check-in. Students follow the schedule that has been approved by their TA.

Personalized Scheduling[edit]

Students have scheduled seminars that they must attend. When not in a seminar, students work in the various learning floors and/or laboratories where they work individually, collaboratively, or have one-on-one instruction at guided help desks with subject area teachers.

Customized Learning Experiences[edit]

Workshops offered during Guided Customized Learning blocks are created by Course Advisors based on the current needs of the students in their class. Students are encouraged to attend these workshops as a way of gaining an understanding of course material. These workshops are designed to fill in gaps in students' learning and knowledge.

Authentic Assessment[edit]

To prepare for seminars, students must access Google Classrooms and Moodle resources provided by the Course Advisors. All tests and summative assessments take place in the Testing Center. Students of St. Joseph also have the option to rewrite exams following a one-on-one remediation with their Course Advisor.

Dash-4 Pathway (Formerly Knowledge and Employability)[edit]

The Knowledge and Employability (K&E) program is offered at St. Joseph for students who learn best through experiences that integrate essential and employability skills in occupational contexts[3]. Traditionally, students enrolled in the K&E program in Alberta will earn only their Certificate of Achievement and not a Diploma. At St. Joseph, The K&E program is referred to as the Dash 4 Pathway as students are presented with an opportunity to still achieve their Alberta High School Diploma as well as their Certificate of Achievement. Through the Guided Customized Learning program, students in Dash-4 can choose to take on six additional classes to bridge from dash-4 courses to dash-2, thus satisfying Alberta Diploma requirements.


The Saints compete in the Metro Edmonton High School Athletic Association in various sports such as basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, track and field, badminton, cross country, curling, golf, and swimming. In the 1981/82 school year, St.Joes became the first and only high school in Edmonton to ever win the triple crown in which they won a Senior City Championship in Football, Basketball, and Soccer.

Father Michael Troy Tournament[edit]

Every year since 1984, St.Joseph has hosted the Father Michael Troy Basketball tournament. Teams from around Canada have participated in the tournament since its inception. Recently, teams from Marburg, Germany have competed. The namesake of the tournament, the late Father Michael Troy, considered the association of his name with this tournament one of the greatest honors in his lifetime.

Notable alumni[edit]

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