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Location Ottawa, Ontario
Coordinates 45°25′14″N 75°38′17″W / 45.42056°N 75.63806°W / 45.42056; -75.63806Coordinates: 45°25′14″N 75°38′17″W / 45.42056°N 75.63806°W / 45.42056; -75.63806
Owned by OC Transpo
Closed June 28, 2015 (Lower/Transitway level only)
Rebuilt November 2018[1]
Preceding station   OC Transpo   Following station
Ottawa - Line 1 Confederation Line.svg Confederation Line
Opens 2018
toward Blair
toward Stittsville
Route 61Terminus
toward Stittsville
Route 62Terminus
toward Baseline
Route 91
toward Trim
toward Riverview
Route 94
toward Millennium
Route 95
toward Trim
Route 95
toward Trim
toward Moodie
Route 101Terminus
toward Moodie
Route 103
toward Carleton
Route 104
toward Lebreton
Route 106Terminus
A Confederation Line train exiting the St-Laurent station tunnel in January 2018.

St-Laurent is a station on Ottawa's transitway located at St. Laurent Boulevard and the Queensway.[2] The station is the most integrated to its surroundings, with direct indoor pedestrian access to the St. Laurent Shopping Centre. It serves as a major hub between transitway and local east end routes and has a ticket sales and information office.

The station has two distinct platform areas. One platform area below grade serves main transitway route 95, Connexion routes and other routes using the transitway. In addition, intercity bus services also stop here on request. A second platform at grade serves numerous Local routes. The two platforms are connected primarily via escalators, which are rare in transitway stations, in addition to the standard staircases and elevators.

This station was the most complex and most expensive to build as it required the complete reconstruction of the St. Laurent Boulevard/Highway 417 interchange and the construction of a tunnel to allow the transitway to cross underneath the Queensway. Its construction was linked to the last major expansion of the shopping centre in 1987.

In addition to serving the shopping centre, it serves numerous commercial and industrial areas in the area and is a major transfer point for east-end commuters, making it one of the busiest stations. An office building occupied in part by ING is also 200 m west of the station.

The station is to be converted to Light Rail Transit (LRT) until 2018, as part of Ottawa's Confederation Line project. Due to the significant investment to originally build this transit station in 1987, it will likely be the easiest to convert to light rail transit.

Effective 28 June 2015, the main Transitway platforms are closed for Confederation Line construction. As well, the Transitway between Hurdman Station and Blair Station is closed until 2018 so routes either end at Blair Station or Hurdman Station or travel via Ottawa Road 174 toward downtown. As well, new route 91 and all Connexion routes eastbound do not serve St. Laurent Station toward Orleans.[3]


The following routes serve St. Laurent station:
Rapid Routes: 61 62 94 95 104
Frequent Routes: 7 14 40 106
Local Routes: 18 19 24 47 101 129 199
Connexion Routes: 224(AM)
Shoppers' Routes: 302
Event Routes: 401 451
School Routes: 28 148 633


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