St. Louis Coliseum

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St. Louis Coliseum circa 1915

The St. Louis Coliseum was an arena in St. Louis, Missouri from 1908 to 1953 at the southwest corner of Washington Boulevard and Jefferson Avenue. The 1916 Democratic National Convention was held in the building.


It was designed by Frederick C. Bonsack and cost $450,000. When the cornerstone was laid on August 22, 1908, it was claimed the building would be the largest public building in the United States.[1] It replaced the St. Louis Exposition and Music Hall as the city's main indoor arena.

The building was leased for several years by Tex Rickard and was the site of boxing matches. It was also a venue for the Veiled Prophet Parade.

Kiel Auditorium which opened in 1934 effectively replaced the Coliseum, and it was condemned as unsafe by the city in 1953.


Coordinates: 38°38′06″N 90°12′50″W / 38.634937°N 90.213847°W / 38.634937; -90.213847