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Vesper Buick was a U.S. soccer team established in 1922 in St. Louis, Missouri. The team played in the St. Louis Soccer League, winning two league titles and losing the 1924 National Challenge Cup. The team changed sponsorship in 1926, becoming White Banner.


Vesper Buick was sponsored by the Vesper Buick company for its four seasons. When it entered the St. Louis Soccer League in 1922, it quickly rose to dominance, winning the league title. It repeated as champion the next season, before finishing second the next two seasons. On May 30, 1924, Vesper Buick fell to the Fall River Marksmen of the American Soccer League in the National Challenge Cup. The game, won 4-2 by the Marksmen, was played in St. Louis at the High School Field.[1]


Year Record League National Cup
1922-1923 8-4-5 Champion First Round
1923-1924 9-2-2 Champion Final
1924-1925 10-4-4 2nd Did not enter
1925-1926 7-4-3 2nd Final


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