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St. Luke's Boys' High School, Kimilili is a provincial, public, boys' high school located in Kimilili, near Bungoma in Kenya's Western Province. It was known as Kimilili Boys' High School until January 2009.


"Discipline, hard work and success."


The school was opened on 2 June 1968, at around 8:30 AM. Officially, it operated "illegally" until August of that year, which led to its closure by the AEO[clarification needed] of the area. The Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary then helped in restarting and re-registering the school.

The school was initially mixed, the first students being 35 boys and 5 girls.

The first headboy was Joseph Simiyu Wachilonga, and the first headgirl was Eunice Nelima Werangai.


  • Henry Makila – 1968–1969
  • J. L. Wanakai – 1969–1975
  • John O Were – 1976–1987
  • Mathew Bigambo – 1987–1989
  • Meshack L'Lanziva – 1990–2001
  • John Khisa –2003 – September 2007
  • Patrick Wandili – since September 2007; Mr. Wandili was deputy principal under Mr. Khisa and assumed the role of head after his retirement


Official wear

  • White long or short-sleeved shirt for normal students, while blue for prefects
  • Black trouser
  • Maroon tie
  • Maroon pullover
  • Maroon sleeveless sweater with school badge
  • Maroon blazer with stripes for prefects
  • Grey socks
  • Black shoes

Sports wear

  • Sneakers
  • Socks
  • Choice of grey, yellow, white, purple or green T-shirts (with dorm name on the back) depending on one's dormitory
  • Black shorts


The school's main trophy magnet is handball. It qualifies for the East and Central Africa Sports Competition every year.

Sponsorship and partnerships[edit]

All the school's sponsors are from teacher-exchange programs of the 1970–2000 period.

Gerraint Jenkins is the most notable foreign figure in the school. He was a former teacher and is at de Stafford School in England. There are also sponsors from the Netherlands like the Meijers.

The sponsors helped the school build the administration block. Mr. Jenkins also gives prizes to the top performers in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

Alumni association[edit]

In July 2009, the school began its alumni association.


Kimilili is in academic rivalry with Friends School Kamusinga (also of Kimilili Constituency) and Bungoma High School of Bungoma District.

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