St. Luke's Hospital, Malta

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Saint Luke's Hospital
Saint Luke's Hospital as seen from Marsamxett Harbour
Location Pietà, Malta
Hospital type General
Emergency department Yes
Beds 850
Founded 1930
Closed 2007
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St. Luke's Hospital (in Maltese: Sptar San Luqa), was a general hospital located on Gwardamanġia hill, in Pietà, Malta.


Its foundation was laid April 5, 1930, by the Governor of Malta, John Du Cane, in the presence of the Prime Minister, Gerald Strickland. Progress in the construction of the hospital was slow due mainly to technical difficulties encountered. By 1939, at the outset of the Second World War, the hospital was still incomplete and the work was suspended. Nevertheless, in 1941, the main block was converted into an isolation hospital for infectious diseases. The edifice, now given the official title of St. Luke's Hospital, had to cope with several epidemics ranging from measles to typhoid, typhus, poliomyelitis, scabies and ringworm.

By the late 1940s St. Luke's assumed its role as a general hospital with facilities for treating general medical, surgical, gynaecological and paediatric cases. In 1948 the radiology department was opened.

The hospital building is listed on the National Inventory of the Cultural Property of the Maltese Islands.[1]

University of Malta affiliation[edit]

The Hospital served and catered for students attending Medical and Health Sciences courses within the University of Malta. The former medical school still houses the depository of pre-1965 monographs and all back runs of medical and nursing journals.


As of late 2007, St. Luke's hospital has ceased to be Malta's main general hospital, having been replaced by the Mater Dei Hospital.

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