St. Luzisteig Pass

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St. Luzisteig Pass
Entrance to the St. Luzisteig fortifications
Elevation713 m (2,339 ft)
Coordinates47°2′17″N 9°31′38″E / 47.03806°N 9.52722°E / 47.03806; 9.52722Coordinates: 47°2′17″N 9°31′38″E / 47.03806°N 9.52722°E / 47.03806; 9.52722

St. Luzisteig Pass (el. 713 m.) is a mountain pass in the Alps between the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

It connects Maienfeld in Graubünden and Balzers in Liechtenstein. Near the pass is a fortification that dates from the 18th century and is still used as a caserne by the Swiss Army.

The pass road has a maximum grade of 12 percent.

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