St. Mark Enthroned

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St. Mark Enthroned
Titian - St Mark Enthroned with Saints - WGA22765.jpg
Artist Titian
Year 1510 or 1511
Medium Oil on panel
Dimensions 218 cm × 149 cm (86 in × 59 in)
Location Santa Maria della Salute, Venice

St. Mark Enthroned is a painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Titian, executed in 1510 or 1511, and housed in the church of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, Italy.


The painting was commissioned as an ex voto for the plague which was in Venice at the time. It features St. Roch and St. Sebastian on the right, protectors against the disease, and, on the left, Saints Cosmas and Damian, whose role as doctors enhances the protection.

St. Mark is portrayed on a throne, as a symbole of Venice surrounded by the protector saints.


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