St. Mary's Catholic High School, Fujairah

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St. Mary's Catholic High School Fujairah
United Arab Emirates
Motto "Finis Coronat Opus"
(The End Crowns the Work)
Religious affiliation(s) Catholic Church
Established 2002
School board CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
GCSE Edexcel Board and GCE A'Levels
Grades Kindergarten to Grade 12 'GCSE', Kindergarten to Grade 12 'CBSE'

St. Mary's Catholic High School, Fujairah is located in the Sakamkam Area of Fujairah City. The school was initially managed by Italian Nuns, which was then handed over to CMI priests from the Chennai Province of India. This school is considered as one of the best in the area.

The first principal was Rev. Fr. Raj followed by Rev. Fr. Robert and the current principal Rev. Fr. Arul Shekhar. The Administrator for the school is Rev. Fr. Mathew Rajan.

The Vice Principals of the GCSE Section includes Sir Shaker and Ms. Simi. The CBSE section is managed under the supervision of Ms. Benitta Vincent and Rev. Fr. Suresh.

It has a multi-court along with two basketball and football courts and a running track. It also has one of the biggest auditoriums in the Fujairah city.


The school follows and is affiliated to the CBSE curriculum, GCSE Edexcel Board and GCE A'Levels.


The normal uniform includes a white shirt with Navy blue pants. Sports class takes place once or twice a week. On this occasion is where the students are allowed to wear track pants and sweat shirts.


There are labs for Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. The library contains books from fiction to non-fiction.

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