St. Mary's University, Calgary

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St. Mary's University
Motto In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen
Motto in English
In Your Light We Shall See Light
Type Catholic & Open To All Faiths
Established September 18th 1986
Chancellor Most Rev. Frederick Henry, DD
President Dr. Gerry Turcotte
Students 600+
Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Campus Urban, Enclosed Hilltop
Nickname Lightning

St. Mary’s University is a teaching and research university that offers degrees in the Liberal Arts, Sciences and Education.

Located on a historic site in Calgary, Alberta, students are encouraged to combine academics with a passionate commitment to ethics, social justice and respect for diversity of opinion and belief. St. Mary’s has 875 full- and part-time students, 80 full- and part-time faculty, and an average class size of 25.


In July 2011, Dr. Gerry Turcotte assumed the position of president of St. Mary's University, succeeding Dr. Terrence Downey who served for 12 years as president. Currently serving as Vice-President Academic and Dean is Dr. Mark Charlton. Currently serving as Area Chairs are Dr. Mary Ann McLean (Chair Mathematics & Natural Sciences), Dr. Gayle Thrift (Chair Social Sciences), and Dr. Howard Hopkins (Chair Humanities).

Debbie Osiowy is Vice-President Business and Finance, Thérèse Takacs is Vice-President Advancement and Bob Hann is Vice-President Student Services.


St. Mary's currently offers nine degrees: A three-year Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in General Studies; a three-year Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in English; a three-year Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in History; a three year Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Psychology, a four-year Bachelor of Arts with a major in English, a four-year Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology, a four-year Bachelor of Arts with a Major in History, a four-year Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology and a two-year Bachelor of Education after-degree.[1]


In addition to academic expansion, the St. Mary's campus has undergone a major change. The land upon which the campus is situated accommodates several buildings, dating from the early 1900s, designated as provincial heritage buildings, including a wooden water tower. As the buildings have heritage status, this legally forbids any alteration of their exterior, with the exception of repair, a prohibition which does not extend to their interior. Thus these buildings have been transformed into new classrooms, a bookstore, common areas and cafeteria. The water tower has been braced to protect it from collapse, and repainted in its original colour, Canadian Pacific Railway red, the only colour legally allowed due to its heritage status. In September 2016, the new Heritage Centre building was officially opened.[2]

In 2011, St. Mary's initiated a site development planning process to identify guiding principles, development options and concept plans for its 35-acre campus.

St. Mary's library contains over 30,000 titles and has 51 workstations accessible by students.[3]

Student life[edit]

The student body of St. Mary's is represented to faculty and administration by the Student Legislative Council (SLC). St. Mary's University supports student-run clubs and activities. Current clubs include a book club, hockey club and ethics club.[4]


St. Mary’s University was a founding member of the Alberta Colleges Athletic League. The league is composed of small colleges and has affiliated members in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our institution was accepted into the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) in May 2010. Lightning basketball teams began competing at this level in Fall 2012. In fall 2014, the Lightning introduced their Cross Country program, making it St. Mary’s University’s third team competing in the ACAC.

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