St. Mary of Sakızağaç Cathedral, Istanbul

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St. Mary of Sakızağaç Cathedral
Sakızağaç Kutsal Meryem Ana Katedralı, Surp Asdvadzadzin
Cathédrale arménienne catholique, Istanbul.JPG
41°02′41″N 29°00′18″E / 41.044619°N 29.005113°E / 41.044619; 29.005113Coordinates: 41°02′41″N 29°00′18″E / 41.044619°N 29.005113°E / 41.044619; 29.005113
LocationBeşiktaş, Istanbul
Country Turkey
DenominationCatholic Church (Armenian rite)

The St. Mary of Sakızağaç Cathedral [1] (Turkish: Sakızağaç Kutsal Meryem Ana Katedralı ) also called Surp Asdvadzadzin[2], or the Armenian catholic Cathedral of Istanbul Is the name given to a religious building belonging to the Catholic Church that follows the Armenian rite in full communion with the Pope in Rome, which is located in the city of Istanbul,[3] the largest in the Eurasian country of Turkey.[4] Not to be confused With the other two Catholic cathedrals in that same locality, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (Saint Esprit Kilisesi), which follows the Latin Rite and the cathedral of a Greek-Catholic rite (Ayatriada Rum Katoliki Kilise').

It is the main temple of the Archieparchia Armenian catholic of Istanbul (Archieparchia Constantinopolitana Armenorum) that was created in 1830 by the bull "Quod jamdiu" of Pope Pius VIII.

It is under the pastoral responsibility of Bishop Lévon Boghos Zékiyan.

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