St. Matthew's Church, Hamburg

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St. Matthew's Church.

St. Matthew's Church (German: Matthäuskirche) in Winterhude, Hamburg, is a brick Lutheran church built from 1910 to 1912 in the baroque style.

The church is adorned with the colorful windows of Charles Crodel, who also made the stained-glass windows for the main church of St. James's and for St. Mary's Church in Fuhlsbüttel. St. Matthew's windows were created 1961 to 1971,


  • The information in this article is based on that in its German equivalent.
  • Matthäuskirche in Winterhude, Hamburg 2002.

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Coordinates: 53°35′20″N 10°00′38″E / 53.58889°N 10.01056°E / 53.58889; 10.01056