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St. Michael's is an electoral ward in Coventry, West Midlands, England. . The ward's Population: is 21,700 (2010)In 2001, its population was 56% white British and 23% Asian or Asian British, many of whom Bangladeshi. The ward includes many students, and 20- to 24-year-olds make up over 20% of the population.[1] The ward population had increased to 24,119 at the 2011 Census.[2]

According to the city's 2007 Index of Deprivation, St. Michael's is the second most deprived ward of the city. While the average household income in Coventry was £31,697 in 2008, it was £25,372 in St. Michael's, making it the second poorest ward. But it grew by 24.5% since 2005, which is a more rapid pace of growth than that of the Coventry average (14.5%). Similarly, the crime rate in St. Michael's was slightly over three times as high as that of Coventry as a whole in 2007, but it had fallen by 34% since 2004/'05, when it was over four times as high. The unemployment rate in the ward was 4.6% in September 2008, when that of Coventry as a whole was 3.6%, but in 2001 unemployment in St. Michael's was still twice as high as in Coventry overall (6.2% vs. 3.0%). That change may however also be due to boundary changes in 2004.[1]

Currently, the ward contains the city centre of Coventry, including St. Michael's Cathedral and the neighbourhoods of Charterhouse and Hillfields. Hillfields is undergoing large-scale changes, which encompass the demolition of Coventry City's Highfield Road stadium and what the Coventry City Council describes as "the biggest single regeneration project in Coventry".[3]

St. Michael's Ward Is represented by three Labour Councillors they are Naeem Akhtar (term of office: 2012 - 2016, Jim O'Boyle (2011–2015) and David Welsh (2014–2018).


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