St. Michael's College National School

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St. Michael's College National School
புனித மிக்கேல் கல்லூரி தேசியப் பாடசாலை
St. Michael's College, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.png
St. Michael's College National School is located in Central Batticaloa
St. Michael's College National School
St. Michael's College National School
Location in central Batticaloa
Father Webber Street
Batticaloa, Batticaloa District, Eastern Province, 30000
Sri Lanka
Coordinates 7°42′41.30″N 81°41′45.70″E / 7.7114722°N 81.6960278°E / 7.7114722; 81.6960278Coordinates: 7°42′41.30″N 81°41′45.70″E / 7.7114722°N 81.6960278°E / 7.7114722; 81.6960278
School type Public national 1AB
Motto Quis ut Deus
(Who is greater than God)
Religious affiliation(s) Christianity
Denomination Roman Catholicism
Founded 1873[1]
Founder Ferdinand Bonnel, Jesuit
Status Nationalized in 1961
School district Batticaloa Education Zone
Authority Ministry of Education
Principal Mich.Pius Anantharajah
Grades 1-13
Gender Boys
Age range 5-19
Enrollment 3,000+
Language English, Tamil
Houses Bonnel, Marian, Miller, Crowther
Slogan A College second to none
Song Sons of Bless'd St.Michael[2]
Sports Basketball, Cricket, Tennis
Yearbook Paadumeen
St. Michael's College National School, Batticaloa.jpg

St. Michael's College National School (SMC; Tamil: புனித மிக்கேல் கல்லூரி தேசியப் பாடசாலை; simply known as St. Michael's College) is a national school in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.[3] Founded by French Jesuit missionary Ferdinand Bonnel in 1873 it was nationalized in 1961.


The school was founded in 1873 by Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Bonnel. Most private schools in Ceylon were taken over by the government in 1960 but SMC chose to remain private. The school struggled on thereafter but on 2 February 1970 the school was handed over to the government.


St. Michael's College is famously known by basketball and has won several inner-school basketball championships. Due to the victories, it was known as The Invincibles.[4] Jesuit missionaries who were severed at the school introduced basketball to Batticaloa and particularly installed first basketball court at the school. There were several Jesuit priests who contributed basketball at the top level. Fr. Hamilton, Fr. Ralph Riemen, Fr. Eugene John Hebert, and Fr. Harold J.Weber are among the best contributors.[5]

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