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St. Michaels University School
3400 Richmond Road

, ,
Coordinates48°27′08″N 123°19′40″W / 48.45222°N 123.32778°W / 48.45222; -123.32778Coordinates: 48°27′08″N 123°19′40″W / 48.45222°N 123.32778°W / 48.45222; -123.32778
School typePrivate Day and Boarding
Founded1906 (University School)
1910 (St. Michaels School)
1971 (amalgamation)
HeadmasterMark Turner
Colour(s)Red, White, Black, Blue
MascotBlue Jaguar
Team nameBlue Jags

St. Michaels University School (abbreviated SMU or SMUS) is a private day and boarding school in the municipality of Saanich, which is a suburb of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Previous headmasters include Robert Snowden (2017), David Penaluna (1988–94) and John Shaffter (1977–88).[1]


SMUS is located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. The Senior and Middle School campus is located on Richmond Road in Saanich, a suburban municipality of Greater Victoria. The Junior School campus is situated on Victoria Avenue in Oak Bay.


In 1906, University School was founded by Cap. R. V. Harvey, the Rev. W. W. Bolton and J. C. Barnacle. Four years later, in 1910, K. C. Symons founded St. Michael's School. St. Michael's School was unusual for its relatively large number of local day students for the period (as contrasted with University School's large number of boarders).

Facing financial difficulties and the death of its headmaster in 1970, University School merged with St. Michael's in 1971 to become St Michaels University School. In 1973, the school began to enrol grade 1 and 2 students for the first time. In 1978, girls were accepted as day and boarding students in grades 10–12 for the first time,[2] and the school began the process of becoming fully coeducational in 1985. A major expansion of the campus also began in 1985.[3] In 1993, SMUS's boarding houses were renamed after the school's six founders: Bolton, Harvey, Winslow, Timmis, Symons, and Barnacle.[4]

Boarding houses[edit]

There are currently six houses: three for boys and three for girls. The houses are named after the headmasters and founders of the school.


  • Barnacle
  • Bolton
  • Harvey


  • Timmis
  • Symons
  • Winslow

School performance[edit]

The average amount of APs taken by SMUS students ranks first in country across all schools as of 2012. The record for most APs taken and completed by a single student is 14. In terms of average mean grades, SMUS students achieved an average of 3.68, which was higher than the global average of 2.92. Of the 650 exams across 25 different AP subjects taken by 245 SMUS students, 81% of them received grades of three or higher on the five point scale, which was also higher than the worldwide rate of 59% achieving grades of three or higher.[5]


The motto of University School was "Mens sana in corpore sano," which means, "A healthy mind in a healthy body."[6] St. Michael's School had the motto "Nihil Magnum Nisi Bonum," or, "Nothing is great unless it is good."

The current motto of St. Michaels University School is "Vivat!", or "Long live the school!" This ties into the school's song, "Vivat - Universitas!", written by Capt. R. V. Harvey originally for University School. The school uses "Vivat" when trying to cheer on a team.


Richmond Road Campus:

  • School House: Administration, Library, Mathematics
  • Brown Hall: (Currently Under Renovation)
  • Sun Center: Dining Hall, Student Commons, Howard Cafe
  • Chapel
  • Crothall Centre for the Humanities and Arts: Classrooms, Lecture Theatre, Drama Room, Art Room
  • William Monkman Athletic Complex: Gymnasium, Squash Courts, Fitness Center
  • John and Anne Schaffter Hall for Music
  • Science Building: Science Classrooms and Computer Labs
  • Infirmary
  • Residence Buildings: Barnacle, Bolton, Harvey (boys) and Winslow, Symons, Timmis (girls)
  • Wenman Pavilion: Senior Lounge
  • Reynolds House: Headmaster's Residence
  • Middle School

Accreditation and memberships[edit]

St. Michaels University School is accredited or a member of the following organizations:[7]

Notable alumni[edit]






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