St. Padre Pio Shrine

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St. Padre Pio Shrine
St. Padre Pio Shrine.jpg
39°32′1″N 74°56′51″W / 39.53361°N 74.94750°W / 39.53361; -74.94750Coordinates: 39°32′1″N 74°56′51″W / 39.53361°N 74.94750°W / 39.53361; -74.94750
Location Corner of Harding Highway (Route 40), Central Avenue and Weymouth Road (County Road 690) in Landisville, NJ
Country United States
Denomination Roman Catholicism
Tradition Folk Catholicism
Weekly attendance 300 (Wednesday 7:00 PM)
Website St. Padre Pio Shrine
Founded 1997
Founder(s) Marie and Pete D'Andrea
Relics held Glove of St. Padre Pio
Status Shrine
Architect(s) Ron Angelo
Architectural type Vernacular
Completed 2002
Height 4 stories
Floor area 10 acres (outdoor)
Materials Stucco with steel frame

The St. Padre Pio Shrine is an outdoor Roman Catholic shrine in the Landisville section of Buena, New Jersey dedicated to the 20th-century Italian saint Padre Pio and completed in 2002.[1]


The shrine was conceived in 1997 by Marie and Pete D'Andrea, Italian-American farmers in Buena, and was designed by local architect Ron Angelo.[2] The structure was completed in 2002, and consists of a four-storey monument and three statues on ten acres of land. The monument is composed of a steel frame covered with white stucco, and inside the monument are the statues of Padre Pio, the Blessed Mother, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.[3] The shrine has a glove of Saint Padre Pio as a relic.[2] Rosary prayer sessions are held at the shrine on Wednesday evenings (7:00 PM), and some individuals have claimed to have experienced miracles resulting from praying at the shrine.[4][5] In 2009, the shrine suffered damage during a robbery attempt of the shrine's donation box.[6]


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