St. Patrick's Park

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St. Patrick's Park
St. Pat's
Location Corner of Empire Avenue and Carpasian Road
Owner City of St. John's
Operator St. John's Amateur Baseball
Capacity 5,000
Field size Left Field - 310 ft
Left-Center - 365 ft
Center Field - 360 ft
Right-Center - 375 ft
Right Field - 310 ft
Surface Grass
Shamrocks, Holy Cross Crusaders, Gonzaga Vikings, Feildians

St. Patrick's Park is the largest baseball park in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is located in St. John's, Newfoundland and was built by American servicemen stationed in the province following the Second World War.

The park is currently run and used by St. John's Amateur Baseball for their senior and intermediate baseball leagues. The senior league currently has 6 teams: Holy Cross Crusaders, Feildians, Shamrocks,Gonzaga Vikings, The Storm and The Knights. The intermediate league consists of Holy Cross Crusaders, Feildians, Shamrocks, Gonzaga Vikings and Raiders.

St. Pat's also home to both the senior and junior St. John's Capitals, the all-star team for St. John's Amateur Baseball

Coordinates: 47°34′25.91″N 52°42′45.63″W / 47.5738639°N 52.7126750°W / 47.5738639; -52.7126750