St. Paul's Cathedral (Kamloops)

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St Paul's Cathedral, Kamloops, was the cathedral of the former Anglican Diocese of Cariboo, which was dissolved because of its inability to meet tort judgments against it in respect of abuse in Indian residential schools. The former diocese is now designated the "Parishes of the Central Interior" and they are served not by a diocesan bishop of their own but by a suffragan bishop to the Metropolitan of British Columbia. The parish church of St Paul's in Kamloops nevertheless retains its nominal designation as a cathedral and its rector that of a dean, despite there being no diocese to be dean of. The building is an extremely modest one both in size and furniture and fittings.

The bishop having responsibility for the parishes of the Central Interior is the Rt. Rev. Barbara Andrews; the dean is the Very Rev. Louise Peters. Other clergy of the former cathedral are the Rev. Dan Hines and the Rev. Canon Jack Phelps.