St. Paul's Co-educational (Kennedy Road) Primary School

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St. Paul's Co-educational (Kennedy Road) Primary School
26 Kennedy Road, Mid-Levels
Hong Kong
Motto Faith, Hope, Love
Religious affiliation(s) Anglican

St. Paul's Co-educational (Kennedy Road) Primary School was one of the two former affiliated primary schools campus of St. Paul's Co-educational College, Hong Kong, with the campus at 26 Kennedy Road. It is a full day Anglicanism school primary school. It is an Anglican school associated with Sheng Kung Hui.The school motto is Faith, Hope and Love. The school fee is $48,000 Hong Kong Dollar(which is approximately $6000 USD)per year since the school has been changed to a Direct Subsidy Scheme school since the year 2001.[1]


It was founded in 1915 at Glenealy as St. Paul's Co-educational Primary School. The school was changed from full-day into AM and PM modes. The original premises consisted of two old colonial style buildings dating from around 1918. The exact date is not known as the information is missing from the Lands Office records. The main building at No. 26 Kennedy Road was erected as a Japanese school for 80 students.he campus on Kennedy Road was built in 1935.[1] It was donated by the Japanese companies in Hong Kong and was the original Kennedy Road and the 12th Hong Kong Japanese School. The staff lived in flats on the top floor. A camphor wood tree grew in the courtyard on the Ground Floor level, which can still be seen on the multipurpose sports field today. In 1999 both primary schools reverted to full-day education. St. Paul's Co-educational PM Primary School moved to the site at Kennedy Road, and changed to St. Paul's Co-educational (Kennedy Road) Primary School. There was an altar off the main play area guarded by the two stone temple dogs which were used to guard the entrance of our present site until donated to a local Japanese school, and the Japanese logo of the Rising Sun was on the gable. The building became Government property following the Second World War. The AM school remains at Macdonnell Road and was renamed St.Paul's Co-educational (Macdonnell Road) Primary School. In 2006, the two primary school merged and renamed St. Paul's Co-educational College Primary School. The school moved into Wong Chuk Hang Nam Fung Path in 2008 (see detail in section Present). The campus was rented by the St.Paul's co-educational college for the usage of junior forms of secondary school and also the A level classes . The school will be returned to the Hong Kong government after the completion of the construction project of on the MacDonnell Road new wing building.[2] The school building had a main hall, six classrooms and four teachers dorm room. During the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, the premises has been assigned as many schools:

Since then the school premises is used as the St. Paul's Co-educational College Primary School and St. Paul's Co-educational College. The school campus has been listed as a historic building by the Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO, 古物古蹟辦事處)[3]


There are 12 class rooms, 1 main hall, 1 computer lab, 1 library, 1 meeting hall, 1 swimming pool at Glenealy, 1 media room, and 2 playground that one of them consists of a multipurpose sports field.[4]


The primary school focuses Chinese, English, Mandarin, Mathematics and Science.[5] The classes begins at 8:10am and finishes at 2:45pm in weekdays. The courses that were taught are Physical Education, Chinese, Visual Arts, English, Music, Mathematics, Mandarin, General Studies, Computer Literacy, Religious Studies and Library studies. Most of the curriculum of primary school is taught in Cantonese or English, with some lessons being taught by native English teachers. In Primary 6, English, Mathematics, General Studies (including Science), Religious Studies, etc. are taught in English; and Chinese is mainly taught in Mandarin.[6]


The school has relocated to Nam Fung Path near the Ocean Park in Wong Chuk Hang 2008 to meet the needs of the space required after the combination of the MacDonnell Road campus and the Kennedy Road campus. The campus has turned into a campus for the Form 1 in St. Paul's Co-educational College.


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