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St. Paul's Co-educational Primary School (Chinese: 聖保羅男女中學附屬小學) is one of the two affiliated primary schools of St. Paul's Co-educational College, Hong Kong, with the campus at 33 Macdonnell Road.In September 2008, St. Paul’s Co-educational College Primary School moved to a new campus on Nam Fung Path in Wong Chuk Hang.


It was founded in 1915 at Glenealy as St. Paul's Co-educational Primary School, and was moved to Calder Path (junction Macdonnell Road) in 1953. The school was changed from full-day into AM and PM modes. In 1999, both primary schools resumed full-day education. St. Paul's Co-educational PM Primary School moved to the current site at Kennedy Road, and changed to the present name. The AM school remains at Macdonnell Road and was renamed accordingly. In 2006, the primary schools merged, and the new school was named St. Paul's Co-educational Primary School. In September 2008, St. Paul’s Co-educational College Primary School moved to a new campus on Nam Fung Path in Wong Chuk Hang.


SPCMRPS is a DSS school.

The campus[edit]

The campus was in Nam Fung Path in Wong Chuk Hang.The state-of-the-art campus comprises two main buildings, the Cultural Block and the Teaching Block.The two buildings are connected by skybridges and walkways. Together with the landscaped Central Plaza, a sculpture courtyard and landscaped roof terraces, the buildings are integrated with the surrounding natural environment to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning.Since December 2012, the Butterfly Garden has been established in the campus to provide our teachers and students with a splendid outdoor classroom. Many of the plants grown in the Garden provide food and shelter for caterpillars and butterflies while setting up a perfect condition for them to pollinate flowers, thus facilitating their reproduction. Through observing the butterflies and carrying out various educational activities in the Garden, students can have a more in-depth understanding of the natural ecological environment and reflect on the importance of environmental protection.

  • First Floors: School Exit;administration office;health room;Butterfly Garden;Courtyard; Four Art Rooms;swimming pool;Central Plaza.
  • Second Floors Assembly Hall;Covered Playground;Canteen; multi-purpose hall
  • Third Floors to Sixth Floors: Primary One to Six Classrooms, seven classroom on each floor, five classes per years. Higher years on higher floors. The List below states the rooms other than the classrooms.
  • Second Floors: Table Tennis Room; rainbow room; English room; campus TV; Cooking room; small classroom (for high grade student to have small class teaching about 12 students per class)
  • Third Floors: Two Music rooms;more than nine small music room; Orchestra Room;Percussion Room; Dance room; Laboratory for grade 1-3.
  • Fourth Floors: Lego Room;Ball Court; Library;Two computer rooms; Laboratory for grade 4-6.
  • Fifth Floors: Two Special Room;60 meter Running Court; grass ground;Fencing room.
  • Sixth Floors: Chapel; two special rooms.
  • Seventh Floors: Staff Room.
  • Eight Floors: Food Garden.


The school has been relocated to Nam Fung Path in Wong Chuk Hang.


Grade 1-6 students will go to different places to learn extra things for what they are teaching at school.(2 times every year) Grade 5 students will have outward bound in Hong Kong. Grade 6 students will go to different country for their graduate trip.

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