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Stiftskulinarium St. Peter

St. Peter Stiftskulinarium[needs IPA] (until 2017 Stiftskeller St. Peter) is a restaurant within the walls of St Peter's Abbey in Salzburg, Austria. It is claimed to be the oldest inn in Central Europe because of a supposed mention of it in the Carmina anthology by the English scholar Alcuin of York, issued in 803 AD when he served Emperor Charlemagne and Bishop Arno of Salzburg. The monastery cellar and its beer is supposedly praised in a poem, which however mentions neither beer nor a location.[1][2][3] The former guesthouse of the Benedictine monks was also mentioned by the Monk of Salzburg in the 14th century.

Based on these and other claims, the Stiftskulinarium is perhaps the oldest existing restaurant in the world,[2] and likely the oldest in Europe.[1] Christopher Columbus, Johann Georg Faust, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are said to have been served at the restaurant.[4][better source needed]

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