Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy

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Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy
Mechnikov logo.jpg
Logo of the Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy
Motto "Arte et humanitate, labore et scientia"
Type Public
Established 1907
Affiliation non-denominational
Rector Lila Aleksandr Mikhailovich (Лила Александр Михайлович)
Administrative staff
750 (112 DSc, 433 PhD, 82 Prof, and 167 AProf)
Students 5000
Location Russia Saint Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District, Russian Federation
Campus Urban (40 000 м²)

The St. Petersburg I. I. Mechnikov State Medical Academy (SPSMA) is a public university located in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. The SPSMA is one of the oldest and largest Russian Higher Medical Schools. Over its 100 years of history, the Academy remains a leading institution of Russia in medicine and training specialists in preventive and clinical medicine. It is often called the Second Medical College in St. Petersburg because of its renaming in 1920 (see below), relative to Saint Petersburg State Medical University, which is called the First Medical College. The university is currently constructing the largest infectious diseases hospital in Saint Petersburg, a title formerly claimed by the Botkin hospital.

The NWSMU has a long tradition of educating Russian and international students. More than 35,000 physicians graduated from the university. Since beginning the international program in 1947 there have been more than 3500 international graduates from more than 50 countries. Currently there is a total student population of over 5,000. There are plans to unite SPSMA with other schools to form a North-Western State Medical University.[citation needed]


The NWSMU was established in 1907 under the direction of academician Vladimir Bekhterev and developed by the Russian Government through the Ministry of Health on the basis of the laws of Russian Federation.

Name changes[edit]

  • 1907-1920 - Medical Faculty of PsychoNeurological Institute
  • 1920-1936 - Second Leningrad Medical Institute
  • 1936-1946 - The Institute united with a city hospital and named after Nobel Laureate Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov
  • 1946-1994 - Leningrad Medical Institute of Sanitary and Hygiene by the order of the Board of Ministers of the USSR (N 14077 from 22.12.1946)
  • 1994-1995 - St. Petersburg State Medical Academy (WHO Directory, 7 ed., page 329)
  • 1995-2011 - The SPSMA was named after the great Russian scientist I. I. Mechnikov (order N 1307-p, dated 22.12.1995)
  • 2011–Present - The St. Petersburg I. I. Mechnikov State Medical Academy was renamed to North-West State Medical University, specializing in the provision of health care to the Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation (order N 609, dated June 23, 2011)[1]

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