St. Regis River (Montana)

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Saint Regis River
Country Mineral County, Montana
Basin features
Main source 47°25′33″N 115°45′02″W / 47.42583°N 115.75056°W / 47.42583; -115.75056 (Saint Regis River)[1]
River mouth 2,631 ft (802 m)[1]
47°17′48″N 115°05′25″W / 47.29667°N 115.09028°W / 47.29667; -115.09028 (Saint Regis River)Coordinates: 47°17′48″N 115°05′25″W / 47.29667°N 115.09028°W / 47.29667; -115.09028 (Saint Regis River)[1]
River system Columbia River
Basin size 330 sq mi (850 km2)
Physical characteristics
Length 32.5 mi (52.3 km)

The St. Regis River is an approximately 32.5-mile (52.3 km) tributary of the Clark Fork of the Columbia River in Montana in the United States. It begins at Lookout Pass on the Idaho/Montana border, flows east and ends at the confluence with the Clark Fork in the city of St. Regis.[2] Its drainage is 330 square miles (850 km2). The record high flow for the St. Regis River in Montana was recorded on May 19, 1954 at 11,000 cubic feet per second according to USGS gaging data.

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