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St. Sylvester's College
ශාන්ත සිල්වෙස්තර විද්‍යාලය, මහනුවර
புனித சில்வெஸ்டர் கல்லூரி, கண்டி
St sylvester's college crest.jpg
St' Sylvester's College Crest
Sri Lanka
Coordinates 7°17′56.6″N 80°38′09.2″E / 7.299056°N 80.635889°E / 7.299056; 80.635889Coordinates: 7°17′56.6″N 80°38′09.2″E / 7.299056°N 80.635889°E / 7.299056; 80.635889
Type Public
Motto Fortiter in re
(to persevere with dedication)
Established November 1, 1940 (77 years ago) (1940-11-01)
Founder Rev. Fr. Robert M. Perera
Status Active
School district Kandy
Principal P. G. S. Bandara
Staff 182
Grades Class 1 – 13
Gender Boys
Age 6 to 18
Enrollment 3000+
Pupils Sylvestrians
Medium of language Sinhala, Tamil and English
Hours in school day 6 hours

Maroon, Ivory, Dark Blue

Alumni Old Sylvestrians

St Sylvester's College, Kandy (Sinhalese: ශාන්ත සිල්වෙස්තර විද්‍යාලය, මහනුවර; Tamil: புனித சில்வெஸ்டர் கல்லூரி, கண்டி) (founded in 1940) is a public Boys' School located in the middle of Kandy city which offers primary and secondary education for boys in Sri Lanka. College is controlled by the Central Provincial council.

It is a school with around 150 teaching staff and around 3,000 students.


St. Sylvester’s began as a separate institution on 1 November 1940 with very Rev. Fr. D. Robert. Perera O.S.B. as the principal. The college owed its inception to the foresight of his Lordship Bishop Bernardo Regno O.S.B. and Abbot Weerasinghe, the heads of the Sylvestro-Benedictine congregation. They felt that a good catholic school in Kandy town was a prime need, once St. Anthony’s had been completely shifted to its home on the banks of the Mahaweli at Katugastota. Rev father Robert was given the tremendous task of rearing the new that had just been born. St. Sylvester’s had made name for itself in the field of education, not only in Kandy but also throughout the length and breadth of the island. Starting with a mere 250 pupils and 12 teachers in 1940.

Father Robert was not expected to do big things at St. Sylvester’s. The buildings were not teeming with scholars, the laboratories were empty, and libraries were without books. Even the wherewithal to run the school was not available. It is said that he had to start with an over draft, but the picture of the institution now is a very different one. It is full to capacity, and its financial stability is assured. The authoritarian of the Sylvestro-Benedictines intended originally to develop St. Sylvester’s only as a junior school and affiliated to St. Anthony’s but such restrictions were not dampen the ardour of Father Robert. He early had visions of his institution as a collegiate school, second to none in the Island.


In office Principal Notes
1940-49 D. Robert M. Perera O.S.B. Founder of College
1949-68 D. J. N. Senevirathne (M.A.Hons. (Columbia), B.A.Hons. (London), Cert. Cey. History, Trd.)
1968-70 K. S. Gunarathne (B.A. (London) – Trained)
1970-76 W. B. Gopallawa (B.A.Hons. (London) – Trained)
1979 A. Karunarathne Interim
1976-95 Bertie Niilegoda (B.Sc. (Cey.))
1995-98 Ashoka B. Herath)
1998-2001 G. W. Abeysinghe
2001 Bandula Gunawardana Interim
2001–2017 T. Ranil. S. Meetiyagoda Retired
2017- present P. G. S. Bandara Current

School anthem[edit]

St. Sylvester’s College has used various school anthems since 1940. First his sons were singing ‘Pasal Mavuni Jaya Wewa’ anthem and in the 1970s it was changed to ‘Dana Mana Ranjitha’ anthem.

Affirmation of Oath of School[edit]

I am legitimate of my Alma mater St. Sylvesters college, with a long prestigious history. In order to achieve the maximum benefits of my school days, I do hereby affirm to carry out my tasks under the supervision and guidance of the principal and the staff, and guide my colleagues along the correct path, to follow the rules and regulations of the school to the world, to maintain cordial relationship with the whole student population of the school, to actively participate in the matters pertaining to subject of study, to respect and honour my school, with all my might and to follow the path of distinguished old Sylvestrians.

St. Sylvester's Old Scout Union[edit]

In 1945 St. Sylvester's College, Kandy started their first scout troop with the patronage of our founder Rev. Fr. Robert M. Perera. The scout troop had been started by Mr. B.M. Guyes.

In the year 1949 just four years afterwards, Mr. B.M. Guyes had left us leaving our scout troop in charge of Rev. Fr.Dom George who was a very keen scouter. Next came Mr. K.S. Gunarathne. He was joined by another able scouters Mr. N.H. Shalwyn and Mr. W.L.D.V. Jayawardene.

Both of these scout masters had contributed in great measure to the success of our scouts troop. In the year 1950 our scouts had been able to win the "Island Merit Flag", awarded to the best troop in the Island. The presentation was made by His Excellency Governor General Lord Soulbury. In 1986 and 1988 our group won the "Gulam Hussain" flag for the group with highest number of president's scouts.

Millennium Sylvestrians Union (MSU)[edit]

Millennium Sylvestrian Union is for the Sylvestrians who sat for their A/Ls in 2000 and above in St Sylvester's College, Kandy, Sri Lanka and it was established in 2010. Even though the MSU was formed by the batch of 2000, it has been a practice that everyone takes part in all the events organized by the MSU.Sylvestrians Motor Rally which is organized annually during the Big Match (Battle of the Babes) between St. Sylvester's College & Vidyartha College is one of the main events organized by MSU.

St.Sylvester's College Gymnastics Club[edit]

In 2002 St.Sylvester's College introduced "Gymnastics" as a primary Sport to the College Students. St.Sylvester's Gymnastics Club founded by The Principal, Mr. T.R.S.Meetiyagoda, Assistant Principal Mr. A.K.B. Dodanwala, former Prefect of Games Mr. D.C. Mahawaththage & Mr.Amal Rasanga Liyanagamage. (Coach & Old Boy)

St.Sylvester's College Gymnastics Team could win a number of National and Provincial victories during this short period.

Recent Victories:

  • Kandy District Gymnastics Champions 2014
  • Kandy District Gymnastics Champions 2013
  • Kandy District Gymnastics Champions 2012
  • Central Province Gymnastics Champions for 2013
  • Central Province Gymnastics Champions for 2012
  • Central Province Gymnastics Champion for 2011
  • Kandy District Gymnastics Champions 2011
  • Ravindu Shehan won the Sri Lanka Gold Medal & Bronze Medal at the Sri Lanka Junior National Gymnastics Championship 2010.
  • Central Province Gymnastics Championship 2010 with 25 Medals (Organized By Central Province Gymnastics Association)
  • Central Province Gymnastics Championship 2009 (Organized By Central Province Gymnastics Association)
  • Team Captain, K.Aravinth secured the Best Gymnast Award at Central Province Gymnastics Championship 2009
  • Bronze Medal at 35th Sri Lanka National Sports Festival Gymnastics Chapmpionship 2009
  • Central Province Gymnastics Champions 2008 – (Organized By Central Province Gymnastics Association)
  • Two National Places at Sri Lanka Juior National Gymnastics Championship 2009
  • K.Aravinth of St.Sylvester's College was the best Boys School Gymnastics Player of the Year 2009 ( According to the CPGA)

Patron: The Principal, Mr.P.G.S.Bandara

Master in charge Mr.Shivanation

Head Coach: Mr.Amal Rasanga Liyanagamage

Captain: Ravindu Shehan

Interact Cub of St.Sylvester's College[edit]

The Interact Club of St.Sylvester's College Kandy has been an outstanding club over the past 27 years. Sponsored by the parent club, Rotary Club of Kandy, the club was charted in the year 1989. Interactors of St.Sylvester's College Kandy have been working with "Unparalleled Humanity" for the benefit of the underprivileged as well as for the betterment of the school. The Interact Club of St.Sylvester's College has been one of the leading clubs in Sri Lanka actively carrying out major projects through the five avenues; Finance, Community Service, International Understanding, Club Service and Green Life.

Patron- The Principal Mr. T.R.S.Meetiyagoda

Master in charge- Mr. Anil Withanage

Immediate Past President- Int. Yazeer Ahamed

President- Int. Imadh Irshad

Recent Victories[edit]

  • The Interact club of St. Sylvester's College was entitled to win 8 citations and 1 outstanding award at the Annual Interact Assembly 2017.
    • Citation award for Best Club
    • Runner-up for Best Annual Report of the year
    • Citation award for Best Interactor Int.Thanushkanth Anandaprakasham
    • Citation award for Rotary-Interact relationship
    • Citation award for Rotaract-Interact relationship
  • Citation award for the Best Club Service project "Walk of Fame" 2015
  • Merit award for the Best International Understanding project "City Drive" 2015
  • Citation Award for the Best Club for the years 2015/2016
  • Int.PP Muzni Mubarak was awarded the citation for Best President for the year 2015
  • Int. Ashain Rupasinghe was awarded the citation for Best Interactor for the year 2015
  • Citation Award for the Best Club for the years 2013/14
  • Citation award for the Best Club Service project "Boven(hike)" 2013
  • Int.Tuan Shehan was awarded the citation for Best Interactor for the year 2013
  • Citation award for the Best Club for the years 2012/13
  • Int.Mohamed Naflan was awarded the citation for Best Interactor for the year 2012
  • Int.PP Chanuka Wickramasingha was awarded the citation for Best President for the year 2012

Units, forums, associations, clubs and societies[edit]



  • Silver Medalist, 1st Asian Youth Athletics Championship


  • U-17 Champion - Sri Lanka Schools Individual Chess Championship 2015
  • U-15 Equal Champion - Sri Lanka Schools Individual Chess Championship 2015
  • U-18, 3rd place - Sri Lanka National Youth Finals - 2015
  • Sri Lanka National Chess Championship 2015 - Champion - Dulan Edirisinghe (2001)


  • Sri Lanka represent at 2018 Junior Asian Gymnastics Championship Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Sri Lanka represent at 2017 Junior Asian Gymnastics Championship Bankok, Thailand.
  • 2018 Sri Lanka Sports Festival Silver Medalist (Ravindu Shehan)
  • 2017 Sri Lanka sports festival Gold Medal (Ravindu Shehan)
  • 2017 Sri Lanka Schools' All rounding Runners up (16 Medals)
  • 2016 Sri Lanka Sports Festival Bronze Medal (Ravindu Shehan)
  • Kandy District Gymnastics Champions 2007 to 2018
  • Central Province Gymnastics champions 2009 - 2017

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