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St. Tammany Parish Public Schools is a school district headquartered in Covington, Louisiana, United States.

The district serves St. Tammany Parish.

The St. Tammany Parish Public Schools system is a system of public K-12 schools in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. The district's main office is located in Covington, Louisiana, with an annex located in Slidell, Louisiana to server the east side of the parish.

The St. Tammany Parish Public School System provides a caring environment for learning, a challenging and relevant curriculum, innovative instruction and solid student achievement. Constant commitment to improvement and to high performance has made the System a leader in the State of Louisiana, by all major standards of educational excellence.[1]

St. Tammany Parish Public School System programs, students and employees are widely recognized throughout the Nation. Students continue to score above national and state levels on standardized tests used to measure student achievement. Outstanding students across the parish distinguish themselves in academics, the arts, citizenship, athletics and extracurricular activities. A majority of graduates choose to further their education and are accepted at colleges and universities throughout the country.[2]

St. Tammany Parish Public Schools serves 37,508 students, of which 46.94% of students are im the free/reduced lunch program. The district is currently ranked #4 in Louisiana, and is the top performing district serving over 20,000 students.[3]


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