St. Theresa's Convent Sr. Sec. School

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St. Theresa's Convent Sr. Sec. School
In God We Trust
STCS, Sector-9
Kunjpura Road
Karnal, Haryana 132001

Karnal, Haryana
Type Convent run Private School
Established 1961
Principal Sr. Helima, BS
Faculty 100
Enrollment 3500+
Number of students Approx. 729
Campus 31,577.92 m2 (339,901.9 sq ft)
Color(s) Grey and Black         
Athletics conference Sarvodaya
Nickname Thereseans
Publication The Theresean Times
Affiliations Central Board of Secondary Education

St. Theresa's Convent Sr. Sec. School (informally termed, STCS) is a Catholic private school, teaching students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade from Karnal in Haryana, India. STCS is one of the couple of high schools in Karnal with excellent standards of education provided by a Christian convent-run organization, The Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany based in Mangalore. The school was started in 1961 and has been constantly renovated to the modern building that exists today.

As of the 2007-08 school year, the school had an enrollment of over 3500 students and employs 100 classroom teachers.


St. Theresa's Convent School, Karnal was established in 1961 and is administrated by Bethany Educational Society, Mangalore, a Christian Religious Minority Institution. The Bethany Educational Society is registered under the societies' education Act XXI of 1860 No.17 of 1948-49/Its head is at Bethany Convent, Manglore . All the members of Bethany Educational Society are catholic nuns belonging to the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany. The Society runs formal and non formal educational institutes all over the country.

Founding of STCS[edit]

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Raymond Francis Camillus Mascarenhas, the Founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany, under whose patronage this school was established was consumed by an indefatigable zeal for the education of the poor and marginalized, especially the rural girls. He longed for the total emancipation of Indian women and was convinced that it could not be achieved without education.

His spirit of service was supported by a strong scaffolding of prayer and faith in God. He was a man of great vision and was compassionate towards the poor and marginalized. His penetrating vision enabled him to look far ahead, which directed his work to fulfil the future needs. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. New Delhi. (Affiliation No. 530006/86)

St. Therese[edit]

Saint Thérèse at age 15, before entering the Carmelite order

St. Therese, also known as 'St. Therese of the child Jesus' was born on 2 January 1873 at Alençon, in Normandy, a small town in northern France . At the age of 15, she entered the convent to be a religious sister.

She died on 30 September 1897 having spent the last nine and half years of her life in a cloister convent at Lisieux in France.

Aims and objectives[edit]

The school aims to nurture students in such a dedicated manner so as to make them excellent in whatever they do in their lives. The school aims at promoting quality education in order to provide students with a vision in life. The aims of the school are clearly visible in what the alumni of the school are currently doing. Every pass out from this premier institution is excelling in his or her particular field.


The school claims to work for education of the poor and marginalized, especially for rural girls.

The Management Council[edit]

As of 2013 Sr. Jyoti BS - President
Sr. M. Wilbertaa BS - Vice President
Sr. M. Joy BS - Secretary
Sr. Jeevan BS - Dy. Secretary
Sr. Marie Lyta BS - Treasurer
Sr. M. Assumta BS - Member
Sr. M. Anseline BS - Member
Sr. M. Christella BS - Member
Sr. M. Prima BS - Member
Sr. M. Lillis BS - Member

Student life[edit]

St. Theresa's Convent Sr. Sec. School

A number of events are held in the school from time to time. These include regular stage-assemblies and annual functions. Besides, a number of competitions are held in the school from time to time.


C.B.S.E. results are usually 100% and many students secure enviable percentages.

Innovative teaching techniques are utilized to promote Academic excellence
1. Regular class tests, ample revision time, extra help to slow learners.
2. Students are encouraged to take part in all academic and informative programs conducted at Inter School, District, State and National level.
3. To enhance memory and retention, students are given a chance to participate in quiz competitions, and the national olympiads (Science, Math, Cyber)
4. Science Club, Bookers Club, Environmental Clubs etc. Conduct various competitions from time to time to create general awareness.
5. To make class room teaching effective, teachers often use Audio Video Aids.

Co-curricular Activities and Sports[edit]

Student's Development Program[edit]

All the activities that take place thorough out the year are basically students oriented and are directed towards the all around development of students. 1. Class wise and House wise activities are conducted to ensure maximum participation of students.
2. Club activities, Hobby classes, Interaction with general public, Thursday & Friday activities & Tuesday assemblies collectively aim at the multi ferrous growth of the students.
3. Talks by some eminent people in various fields helps the students to give information in respective fields.
4. Creative instincts of the students are nurtured by giving them a chance to decorate class and house bulletin boards periodically.
5. Sports, March Past & P.T. exercal fitness and Mental alertness.
6. Regular carrier guidance to the students X, XI and XII .
7. Meditation, Retreats and regular prayer sessions helps children to develop peace within and control anger.
8. A high-tech English Lab, Computer Lab, Maths Lab and a fully equipped library, Science Laboratories are upgraded from time to time.
9. A skating rink, Lawn tennis court, Basket Ball, Table tennis, Cricket Ground and badminton court. All are available to the students to play the sports of their choice.
10. Little children of Junior school feel a sense of electron & joy watching colourful pictures, catchy captions, hand made paintings adoring the walls of KG section.
11. Orientation Programs for children of High School are arranged so as to get awareness about adolescence helping in future life.

Staff Development Programs[edit]

1. Orientation and Seminars are regularly conducted for the staff to face the new challenges in the field of education.
2. Stress Management, Retreats and Prayer sessions are arranged regularly to provide relaxation.
3. Seminars on Total Quality management for education excellence, and for effective teaching in various subjects are conducted regularly.

The Student Council[edit]

The student cabinet is responsible for certain activities like helping teachers and other staff, before assembly monitoring of the classes and so on. Earlier the cabinet was actually a representation of the students with voting happening for the selection, however now it pretty much depends on the teachers and the principal as to who gets selected .

Student Organizations[edit]

The students grade 3 and above are divided into houses:
1.      Shanti
2.      Shradha
3.      Shakti
4.      Satya
Every student is assigned a house on reaching the 3rd grade and although the sense of belonging continues, but the houses are not observed after the 10th grade. The entire year's activity calendar is made in the beginning of the session and though deviations may occur but the schedule remains pretty much intact. Various competition are organized by the school faculty and the competition is between the houses but can also be among the classes. In addition, every few weeks the bulletin board competition is held where each house and class decorates its bulletin board on the topic chosen and then the winners are announced much to the delight of everyone. Finally at the end of the year each house's marks are summed based on the year-long performance and the annual winner is announced.

Students Leaders in School Student Council /Organisation[edit]

List of Leaders in Student Council

Session Name Designation Class
2013-2014 Riana Kumar XA President
2013-2014 Kritika Arora XB Vice president
2012-2013 Ankita Sindhu XIID Discipline Captains
2012-2013 Noor Gupta XIC Discipline Captains
2012-2013 Uday Pandit XIA Discipline Captains
2012-2013 Manan Madan XID Discipline Captains
2012-2013 Kaivalya XD Sports Captain (Boys)
2013-2014 Seerat Chawla XD S.P.L
2013-2014 Anmol Singh XB A.S.P.L
2012-2013 Akshita Singh XA (Secretary)
2012-2013 Teerth Waraich XB Jr. Discipline Captain
2012-2013 Khajit Thukral XC Jr. Discipline Captain
2015-2016 Sanyam khosla XC Discipline Captain
2012-2013 Simran Wadhawa XA Jr. Discipline Captain
2012-2013 Saurav Chaudhary XC Jr. Discipline Captain
2012-2013 Vidhi Joon XA Jr. Discipline Captain
2012-2013 Parul XA Jr. Discipline Captain
2012-2013 Yashika Singla XA Jr. Discipline Captain
2013-2014 Niharika Dawar XC Sports Captain
2013-2014 Prateek Passi XD Sports Captain
2013-2014 Deepanshu Raghuvanshi XD Shanti House Captain     
2012-2013 Arushi Rawat XA Shanti House Captain     
2013-2014 Saharsh Singhal XC Shradha House Captain     
2013-2014 Dyuti Shah XB Shradha House Captain     
2015-2016 Abhinav Gupta XA Satya House Captain     
2012-2013 Vani Nagpal XD Satya House Captain     
2012-2013 Sanyam Khurana XB Cultural Leader
2012-2013 Harshita Dua XIC Cultural Leader
2012-2013 Akansha Dubey XA NCC Captain
2012-2013 Madhur XB NCC Captain 2015-2016 Kaivalya IXD Satya House Vice Captain 2015-2016 Akshita Singh IXA Satya House Vice Captain


The students from this school after pursuing higher education have found employment in various Organisation and Institutions. Some are employed in Govt. Deptts, Public and Pvt. Enterprises such as; Railways, MES, IITs,[1] CPWD, PWD (B & R), PWD Irrigation, PWD (Public Health), Pollution Control Board, Housing Boards, HUDA, HSEB, MITC, Panchayat Raj, and some has started their own enterprises. Students of this institutes have also been able enter other countries as well i.e. Eritrea, Dubaietc.

Challenges Faced[edit]

The main problem being faced by the school from the past so many years is the falling standards.[citation needed] Being the premier high school in the district, the school faces many hurdles including downright outrageous rumors[citation needed] to even jealousy motivated plotting by rival institutions.[citation needed] The admission process is very strict and the places limited despite the best efforts of the administration; which means that not everyone who wants their child to be a Theresean, gets their wish fulfilled.

"Local Brain Drain" due to stricter norms[edit]

As is common in India, students in the last two years of school, tend to focus more on the post-school competitive exams that they must take in order to get into renowned higher education institutions, this however, means that they are likely to overlook the school curriculum and board exam preparations. The school has a very strict attendance policy and very slight exceptions are made only for bright students who are considered by the teaching staff as capable of juggling the two. Rival schools tend to jump at this opportunity to lure the polished minds and offer them incentives like false attendance in order to allow them to pursue competitive exam preparations alone. This greatly reflects in the difference between the school and its rivals in the matter of exam selections. Despite this sad fact, the school maintains integrity and does not stop to the level of just giving in and allowing undue laxity. True Thereseans however, stay and enjoy the last two years of high school .


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