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St. Xavier's College (SXC)
Image of the campus
The Campus
Motto Nihil Ultra (Latin)
Motto in English
Nothing Beyond
Type Private
Established 16 January 1860; 156 years ago (16 January 1860)
Religious affiliation
Jesuit (Roman Catholic)
Academic affiliation
University of Calcutta
Rector Dominic Savio S.J.[1]
Principal Felix Raj S.J.[1]
Administrative staff
Students 4000
Undergraduates 3000
Postgraduates 1000
Location 30, Mother Teresa Sarani
Kolkata – 700016
Campus Urban
Colours Blue and White          
Athletics Track and Field
Sports Basketball, Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis
Nickname The Xaverians
Logo of St. Xavier's College.gif

St. Xavier's College is a graduate and undergraduate college located in Kolkata, India. Founded in 1860, it is named after St. Francis Xavier, a Basque Jesuit of the 16th century, who ministered in India. In 2006, it became the first autonomous college in West Bengal, India,[2] and is affiliated to the University of Calcutta. The college is soon to become a full-fledged university, and will add new courses including an MBA. Currently, St. Xavier's College, Kolkata offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees, diplomas and certificates. A Student after completing his/her Degree,Diploma or Certificate course is referred to as a 'Xaverian'.


The 1905 Crest remains unchanged

The college was founded in 1860 by the Jesuits, an all-male Catholic religious order formed by Saint Ignatius of Loyola. The college is named after Francis Xavier, the 16th century Jesuit saint from Basque country, north of Spain. The founder of the college is Fr. Henri Depelchin, who oversaw most of the ground work during the foundation years.[3]

Sans Souci Theatre[edit]

Sans Souci Theatre occupied 30 Park Street (now Mother Teresa Sarani), Kolkata-700016, until a fire in 1843 burnt it to the ground. The site was bought by 7 Belgian Jesuits. It is here that the present day campus stands tall.[4]

Foundation Years[edit]

  • Verstraeten, SJ, 1959 -1966
  • Jacques de Bonhome, SJ, 1966–1976
  • Joseph D’ Souza, SJ, 1977–1995
  • P. C. Mathew, SJ, 1995–2008
  • J. Felix Raj, SJ, 2009–present

The present site of the college at 30, Park Street (Mother Teresa Sarani) is an amalgamation of numbers 10 and 11 of Park Street. Premise number 11 was bought for Rs 45,000.00 by Fr. Depelchen with generous donations from the Anglo-Indians and help from the home Province of Belgium. Park street is a landmark street in the heart of Kolkata, a melting pot of its diverse cultural, culinary, social, and intellectual milieu.

The college opened with 40 students. Two years later, in 1862, it affiliated with Calcutta University. However, there was a paucity of funds for expansion work in terms of classrooms and to accommodate the Jesuits fathers. So in 1864 the Rector used the newspapers to appeal to the public of Calcutta for assistance and received a magnanimous response from well-wishers in the city. Also, Jesuits Fr. Henri Depelchin and his assistant Bro. Koppes, the architect of the new school, went around personally collecting funds. The present, imposing, five-storied building took 6 years to build, 1934 to 1940, at a cost of Rs 9 lakhs, which came from donations from the people of Calcutta, assistance from Belgium, and generous rental fees from the U.S. army that occupied the building during the Second World War.[5][6] Expansion of the college has been a ceaseless effort and a campus in Salt Lake City, Kolkata, is on the way, along with a second boys' hostel not far from the existing one.


Goethals Library[edit]

The Goethals library, situated above the College Chapel, houses some of the oldest periodicals, journals, and books. The College received these treasures in 1908 from the Archbishop of Calcutta, Paul Goethals, S.J. These well-preserved treasures have made the library a spot of historical significance.

Postal Stamp[edit]

A commemorative stamp was issued by the Indian Post on 12 April 1985 depicting the college campus, thus recognizing the college's contribution to society.[5]



The college has Morning batch for boys only, that offers the Bachelor of Commerce degree. The Day section of the college houses the Arts and Science departments which offer undergraduate (honours) degrees in various subjects like English, Bengali, Political Science, Sociology, Microbiology, Computer Science, Animation and Multimedia, Mass Communication and Videography, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, and Economics. Masters programs in Commerce (evening session), Biotechnology (integrated 5 year M.Sc), Physics, Microbiology, and Education are housed in the college along with the co-educational Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Administration programs.[7]

The college, in its first-ever foreign collaboration, has entered into cooperation with the University of Manitoba, Canada. The MOU was unveiled on 4 February 2008 by the principal of the college Fr. P.C. Mathew and the dean of the faculty of food and agricultural sciences at Manitoba University, Professor Michael Trevan.[8] This college also has CAP and other diploma and certificate courses to offer. The batches function in both day and evening.



The college classes are spread over four floors across two buildings. There are over 50 classrooms, half a dozen audio-visual rooms, and three computer laboratories, each with a capacity for over 70 students.

The college also has well-equipped physics, chemistry, and biotechnology laboratories to support the requirements of their respective departments; the Mass Communication and Videography department has a video library to assist its film students. The Central Library, spread over two floors, houses a reference library, periodicals, and scientific journals. There is also an archive. The auditorium, equipped with a state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, can seat over 800. Football and basketball courts are located behind the main college building and are shared with St. Xavier's Collegiate School, which is housed in an adjacent flank of the college building.

Popular & historic Green Benches


The canteen "Green Benches" - a popular student hangout – and Fr. Joris's Corner - an in-house stationery shop – are located parallel to the sports grounds. These are abuzz with business during off periods and breaks.[9] The "Green Benches" has a city-wide reputation for socializing and for serious discussion.

Cultural Events[edit]

Kapoor & Chopra promoting Barfi

The college has a culture of festivals, inter- and intra-college, that span its academic calendar. Also the campus and auditorium often host discussions and events like the NDTV debate on the Rizwanur Rahman episode.[10] Celebrity guests appearing on campus include:

Convocation - Keynote Speakers[edit]

Community & Clubs[edit]

Apart from service to the community in the educational sphere, Xavier is also involved in environmental issues, youth welfare, women's welfare, and poverty alleviation. It has an elected Student Union (SXCSU) which co-ordinates all the cultural activities on campus. The college's many clubs build leadership, creativity, and managerial skills in students. The clubs include:[11]

Sports & Festivals[edit]

Sports Day

The college has facilities for cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, and caroom, played at the intra-college and inter-college levels. A sports day is organised every December, when students compete in track and field events before a large city-wide audience. The Undergraduate level sponsors the following prominent festivals:

  • XAVOTSAV, a cultural festival held annually in late January or early February.[14] Colleges of Kolkata participate in Band Performance, Neon Dance, Western Dance, Singing, and there are special performances by personalities such as Euphoria, Parikrama. This festival is organized by the Student Union together with the alumni body.
  • INERTIA, an international marketing festival held annually in February or March.[15] The events include Ambush Marketing, Ad Spoof, Brand Manager, International Trade, and Crisis Management. Participants include undergraduates as well as post-graduates from around India and its neighboring countries. The festival is organized by the students along with professors from the Department of Management (Commerce).
  • INSIGNIA, a management festival held annually in mid February.[16] The top ten commerce colleges of India are invited to fight it out in events like Human Resource Management (HRM), Best Manager, Business Quiz, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Development (ED), among many others. The organizers are students pursuing the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree.
  • XAVIER'S MANAGEMENT CONVENTION (XMC), a national management festival held annually in February or March.[17] It includes events like Stress Interview (SI), B-Quiz (BQ), Business Plans(BP), and Advertising. It is organized by students of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).
  • SPECTRUM, a festival of the Department Of Physics. It includes debate, quiz, drama, and lectures by famous noble laureates. It generally spans two days.
  • ANALYTICA, a festival of the Department of Mathematics. Along with quiz, wiz, and exhibition, there are lectures on mathematics by famous mathematicians.
  • THE SPOTLIGHT, a culture fest held annually in September or October. Christian colleges of Kolkata participate in events like Battle of Bands, Junk Funk, Dare To Differ, and Movie Buzz. This is organised by The All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) unit of the college.

St.Xavier's is the only English medium college to have separate festivals for Hindi and Bengali.

  • VIVIDHA, a Hindi festival with events like Drama Competition, Extempore, and Elocution.[18] Hindi is used throughout the festival. This festival is organized by the members of the Hindi Literary Society (HLS).
  • XAVULLASH, the Bengali festival, comprises events like Debate, Extempore, Elocution etc. The mode of communication throughout the festival is Bengali. The Bengali Literary Society (BLS) are the organizers.


  • XAVERIAN: articles by students and staff members who share their experience of college.[19] It also includes interviews with famous alumni and photos of passing out batches.

The following journals are published annually and distributed in academic circles:

  • YOUTHINK: commerce journal with articles by students and staff on current commerce-related issues.[20] Past topics include The Business of Sports, Turbulent Times, Superpowers, Change, and The Gamble.
  • ECO ECHOES: from the Economics Department.[21]
  • HORIZON: from the Department of Physics. It highlights technological advances from across the world.
  • PEBBLE: from St Xavier's College Science Association(SXCSA).
  • CHIASMA : from the Department of Biotechnology.
  • BEACON : from the Department of Mathematics.
  • PRAKARSHO: from the Department of Statistics.

Philanthropy & social activities[edit]

The college has adopted several villages in West Bengal. It funds the building of proper infrastructure and provides food and shelter for the needy residing in these villages. This is funded by the students and alumni. This project is called Prayas and was started by Rev. Felix Raj, S.J., as principal of the college.[22]

Also, college students assist at the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (IICP) where they teach the special children of IICP every week.[23]

Village to College Camp, a social service festival, is held annually in early January. Underprivileged children are brought to the college campus from nearby villages and slums for a fun-filled day of activity and entertainment. They are also provided with free meals and gifts. This festival is organized by the National Service Scheme (NSS).[24]

Alumni Association (SXCAA)[edit]

Alummi Association Committee

The college has a very active Alumni Association with the Principal of the college as its President.[25] The association supports the college in several projects by extending financial and managerial assistance. SXCAA is registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act.[26] It was the first alumni association in Kolkata to be granted 80G Certification from the Income Tax Department, thus acknowledging SXCAA's philanthropic activities.

SXCAA of late has been expanding its reach to ex-students, by opening chapters in several cities around the world, including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Singapore, London, Dubai, New York, Dhaka, and Australia.[27]

Project 'Lakshaya' was launched by the college to solicit donations from alumni to fund a new campus.[28] The college was allotted 16 acres of land at Rajarhat (New Town) by the West Bengal government, for the new campus. The plot of land will cost a subsidized 64 crores.[29]


St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, all India Rankings
Department/Course 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
Commerce/B.Com 2nd[30] 2nd[31] 1st[32]


2nd[33] 3rd[34] 4th[35]
Science/BSc 4th[36] 3rd[37] 5th[38] 3rd[39] 5th[40] 2nd[39] 8th[40]
Arts/BA 5th[36] 7th[41] 5th[42] 5th[42] 9th[43] 5th[43] 6th[43]

Notable alumni[edit]






Arts & Entertainment






Jamal N. Islam


Notable faculty[edit]

St. Xavier's has benefited from the services of prominent faculty and professors whose teachings have influenced generations of students.

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