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St Andrew Square tram stop.

St Andrew Square tram stop is a planned Edinburgh Trams stops serving the Princes Street area of Edinburgh. The stop (and the entire tram line) are expected to open in mid-2014.

The stop was intended to be one on the line from Edinburgh Airport to Newhaven, but when the planned network was truncated to a single route from the airport to the city centre it became the new terminus. Due to the cost overruns, the route between Haymarket and St Andrew Square was cancelled in August 2011.[1] However, the public outcry led to this decision being reversed a week later in September 2011.[2] On 29 November 2011 it was announced that the tram line would be slightly extended from St Andrew Square to a terminus stop at York Place (which had originally intended only to be a reversing point for empty trams).[3]

Stop information[edit]

The stop is intended to serve St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, and will provide the interchange between the tram route and Edinburgh Waverley, the main railway station in Edinburgh, connecting to First ScotRail services around Scotland and East Coast services to London King's Cross, as well as CrossCountry, Virgin Trains and First TransPennine Express services.

To reach Waverley, passengers will have to walk down St Andrew Street, across Princes Street, down the Waverley Steps to the station.

Preceding station   Edinburgh Trams   Following station
York Place
  York Place-Edinburgh Airport   Princes Street
towards Edinburgh Airport


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