St Arnaud railway station

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St Arnaud
Location Queens Avenue, St Arnaud
Coordinates 36°37′17″N 143°15′30″E / 36.6213475°N 143.258366°E / 36.6213475; 143.258366
Line(s) Mildura
Platforms 1
Tracks 1
Other information
Status Closed
Opened 1878
Closed 12 September 1993

St Arnaud is a closed railway station on the Mildura railway line,[1] in St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia. It is 255 km from Southern Cross station. The station contains grain silos and a number of sidings.

The station is currently being refurbished as of early 2008, owing to its heritage status, with works to include glazing the platform, and restoring the station building.

There is speculation that passenger services may return in the future, with the reopening of the Mildura line having been promised by the state government since 1999, with major upgrades to the track ongoing as of 2008, and the restoration of services to Maryborough.

Flashing light signals were provided at the nearby Millet Street level crossing in June 1976, replacing hand operated gates.[2]

In September 1987, the track leading to the turntable and associated Annett locking were abolished, along with a number of points, and a signal post.[3]


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