St Brendan-Shaw College

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St Brendan-Shaw College
Devonport, Tasmania
Australia Australia
Coordinates 41°09′59″S 146°20′38″E / 41.1665°S 146.3440°E / -41.1665; 146.3440Coordinates: 41°09′59″S 146°20′38″E / 41.1665°S 146.3440°E / -41.1665; 146.3440
Type Private, Day
Motto "By faith and deed"
Denomination Catholic
Established 1981
Principal Mr Frank Pisano
Staff 70+
Enrolment 680+

Navy, Blue and Maroon

Slogan "Light from Knowledge"

St Brendan-Shaw College is a co-educational Catholic college for students in grades 7–12. It is located in Devonport on the North-West Coast of Tasmania in Australia. The college has around about 700 students.


In 1960,[1] the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers established St. Brendan's College for boys in James Street, Devonport. It was a college for boys up to Year 10.

In 1969 Shaw College, for girls, was established adjacent to St Brendan's College in Devonport. Shaw College was a Catholic Girls School established by the Sisters of St. Joseph. Shaw College was named after Fr. Shaw from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hobart who was the first Parish Priest of Devonport. By agreement with St Brendan’s College a certain degree of co-instruction was arranged at Years 9 and 10.

In 1981 the two Colleges were merged to form St Brendan-Shaw College, a co-educational College.

The College Logo[2] combines the Logos of St. Brendan’s and Shaw Colleges, or at least elements from each. The barque of St. Brendan symbolises missionary endeavour, while the 12 pointed star on the sail is taken from the Shaw badge where it represented "Light from Knowledge".

Senior secondary (Year 11 and 12) classes were introduced in 1990 and the school became the regional Catholic secondary co-educational college. Today it is a Co-educational College for years 7-12.

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