St Edmund's College, Canberra

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St Edmund's College, Canberra
St Edmund's College Crest - 2017 onwards.png
Coat of Arms
Canberra, ACT
Coordinates 35°19′22″S 149°08′43″E / 35.3228°S 149.1454°E / -35.3228; 149.1454Coordinates: 35°19′22″S 149°08′43″E / 35.3228°S 149.1454°E / -35.3228; 149.1454
Type Independent - Christian Brothers - All-Male College/Secondary/Primary
Motto "Christus Lux Mea"
"Christ is My Light"
Established 1954
Chairman Mr Michael Cooney
Principal Mr Joe Zavone
Grades 4–12
Campus Griffith
Colour(s)      Blue      White      Gold
Affiliations Roman Catholic, Christian Brothers, Edmund Rice Education Australia

St Edmund's College, Canberra is a private, Catholic, day school for boys, located in Griffith, a suburb of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Australia.

The college was established in 1954 by the Christian Brothers as St Edmund's War Memorial College. It was opened to meet the demand for a Catholic Education school in the region and was the first Catholic Secondary Boys' College established in the ACT. St Edmund's College practises in the tradition of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice. The current Principal of the College is Mr Joe Zavone, the Acting Deputy is Mr Jacob Knowles, and Board Chair is Mr Michael Cooney. The current director of Junior School (formerly Middle School) is Mr David Kelly.

Students are placed into 'houses' for sporting and other events. The current houses and colours are: Clancy (Yellow), Treacy (Dark Blue), O'Brien (White), Haydon (Red), Mulrooney (Sky Blue) and Rice (Green).


St Edmund's War Memorial College opened in 1954 as a Christian Brothers school in response to the needs of Catholic parents of the region. St. Edmund's was the first Catholic secondary boys college established in Canberra. The College has over 1,200 students currently enrolled, having started in 1954 with 330.[citation needed]


The St Edmund's College website lists the following people as headmasters of the school:

  • 1954–1956: Br P. L. McCarthy
  • 1957–1959: Br E. C. Fields
  • 1960–1965: Br N. T. Landener
  • 1966–1969: Br J. B. Darmody
  • 1970–1978: Br G. D. Kerr
  • 1979–1988: Br R. J. Wallace
  • 1989–1994: Br J. P. O’Shea
  • 1995–2004: Mr C. J. Dwyer
  • 2005–2008: Dr C. X. Hayes
  • 2009–2014: Mr P. J. Fullagar
  • 2015–2017: Mr D. Lawler
  • 2018–Present: Mr J. Zavone

St Edmund's College Foundation[edit]

In reflecting the spirit of charity of Edmund Rice, St Edmund's College established the Foundation with the aim of giving financial assistance to disadvantaged families to diminish the burden of educating their children and to provide them the opportunity of a quality education.[citation needed]

St Edmund's College Old Boys and Friends Association[edit]

The Old Boys and Friends Association was established in 2015. Looking to take over where the original Alumni left off, the Association is slightly different than the original Alumni as it is focused on incorporating the College Community as a whole. The Association states that they would like to encourage all Old Boys & Friends to remain involved in the College community, attend College activities or to just stay in touch or locate lost friends.[1] The Association is run by a committee consisting of a president, treasurer and up to 6 other members in charge of the website, organising events, and more. It draws on community support from individuals and businesses, as well as ongoing support from the College and FutureTheory (a Canberra-based design agency).

Rugby Union[edit]

The College won the Waratah Shield more than any other school (14 times) and were the defending champions in 2005 when schools from the ACT (Canberra) were no longer invited/permitted to participate by the organisers, the New South Wales Rugby Union.[2] The College has over 480 registered boys playing rugby union. St. Edmunds has a reputation for being one of the premier rugby schools in Australia, with Saia Faingaa being the latest alumnus to represent Australia. St Edmunds also have always had a brilliant record in the local competition (ACTJRU) with many Grand finals to their name across the different age groups.

Notable alumni[edit]

Religious Life[edit]

Politics and Law
The Arts
Military & Police

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