St John Zachary

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St. John Zachary
Churchyard of St John Zachary.JPG
Current photo of site
CountryUnited Kingdom
DenominationChurch of England
Founded10th century

St John Zachary[1] (meaning "St John son of St Zachary", i.e. John the Baptist)[2] was a church, first mentioned in official records in 1181,[3] within the City of London, England, on the north side of Gresham Street, Aldersgate.[4] Its vicar from May 25, 1424[5] to an unknown date was William Byngham, the founder of England's first teacher training college [6] It was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666[7] and not rebuilt,[8] with its parish being reunited with that of St Anne and St Agnes[9] by Act of Parliament in 1670[10]- an arrangement that lasted until the 20th century.[11] Its site is now a garden[12] first made by the fire watchers in 1941.[13] Partial records survive at IGI.[14]

The 2011 film adaptation of Stieg Larsson's 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' directed by David Fincher used the churchyard as a filming location.


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