St John of God Hospital Sierra Leone

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St John of God Hospital
St John of God Hospital, Mabesseneh, Lunsar, Sierra Leone Exterior.jpg
Main entrance
Location Mabesseneh, Lunsar,, Sierra Leone
Emergency department Yes
Founded 1964
One of two theatres at St John of God Hospital, Sierra Leone

St. John of God Catholic Hospital, also known as Mabessaneh Hospital,[1] is a hospital located in Mabesseneh, Lunsar, Sierra Leone. It is run by the Brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God, an international Catholic organisation.[2][3]

It is a non-denominational hospital with several departments, some of which are a common part of Healthcare in Sierra Leone, such as the Outpatients, Paediatrics, Medical and Maternity, others such as Emergency, Surgery, Pharmacy and Microbiology are not especially in the provinces, outside the capital.[4][5]

It has several links to European organisations. It is the only Sierra Leonean hospital outside of the capital Freetown which has a microbiological department run by the German NGO GLOBOLAB e.V. and is twinned with Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona.[6][7][8]

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