St Lawrence High School (Santa Cruz)

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St Lawrence High School is located on Linking Road in Santacruz (west) in Mumbai, India. The school was started in May 1961 by Jaysen M Jayakar and his wife Kalpana J Jayakar, to help encourage English Medium education in the suburbs of the city. The school was the second educational institution founded by them, the first being in the area of Parel dominated by the mill workers and working classes of the city. They then went on to add a third school, this time in the area of Marol, dominated by small industries.

St. Lawrence High School is part of a group of schools: St. Lawrence Kids for pre-primary education (Kindergarten I and II), St. Lawrence Primary School that is in charge of primary education (Class I to IV), and St. Lawrence High School that provides secondary education to students (Class V to X). The school is open to students from all castes and communities.

The uniform of school consists of navy blue pants and a light blue up colar shirt. For girls navy blue pin frock and light blue jacket. Track pants for physical education.