St Leonards railway station

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This article is about the station in Sydney. For the closed station in Scotland, see St Leonards (Edinburgh) railway station. For the current station in East Sussex, see St Leonards Warrior Square railway station.
St Leonards
St Leonards railway station.JPG
Southbound view in September 2006
Location Pacific Highway, St Leonards
Coordinates 33°49′20″S 151°11′39″E / 33.82223°S 151.19413°E / -33.82223; 151.19413Coordinates: 33°49′20″S 151°11′39″E / 33.82223°S 151.19413°E / -33.82223; 151.19413
Owned by RailCorp
Operated by Sydney Trains
Line(s) North Shore
Distance 8.41 kilometres from Central
Platforms 2 side
Tracks 2
Connections Bus
Structure type Ground
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Status Staffed
Station code SNL
Website Sydney Trains
Opened 1 January 1890
Rebuilt February 2000
Electrified Yes
Preceding station   Sydney Trains   Following station
towards Epping or Emu Plains or Richmond
North Shore, Northern & Western Line
towards Hornsby or Berowra
Preceding station   NSW TrainLink   Following station
towards Wyong
Central Coast services
via North Shore
(peak hours only)
towards Central

St Leonards railway station is located on the North Shore line, serving the Sydney suburb of St Leonards. It is served by Sydney Trains T1 North Shore line services.


St Leonards station opened on 1 January 1890 as the terminus station of the North Shore line from Hornsby.[1] On 1 May 1893, the line was extended south to Milsons Point.

In August 1989, the station was relocated to a temporary station south of the Pacific Highway to allow the site to be redeveloped.[2] After the redevelopment encountered financial problems and remained dormant for a number of years, the new station was not completed until February 2000.[3]

The new station was built with two island platforms to allow extra lines to be laid as part of a plan to quadruple the line. However this is now unlikely to occur, with it now proposed to build underground platforms at St Leonards as part of the Sydney Metro line.[4]

Platforms & services[edit]

Platform Line Stopping pattern Notes
services to Epping, Richmond & Emu Plains [5]
services to Chatswood, Hornsby & Berowra evening peak hour NSW TrainLink services to Wyong[6][7]

Transport links[edit]

Hillsbus operate four routes via St Leonards station:

Sydney Buses operate 12 routes via St Leonards station:

St Leonards station is served by one NightRide route:[18]

Suburbs and Localities served[edit]

  • St Leonards Town Centre
  • Royal North Shore Hospital
  • Gore Hill
  • Artarmon Industrial Area
  • Osborne Park
  • Greenwich


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