St Martins, New Zealand

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Saint Martins
Saint Martins is located in Christchurch, New Zealand
Saint Martins
Saint Martins
Coordinates: 43°33′23″S 172°39′10″E / 43.556479°S 172.652748°E / -43.556479; 172.652748Coordinates: 43°33′23″S 172°39′10″E / 43.556479°S 172.652748°E / -43.556479; 172.652748
 • Total1.8745 km2 (0.7237 sq mi)
 • Total4,455
 • Density2,400/km2 (6,200/sq mi)

Saint Martins is an inner suburb of Christchurch, New Zealand, located two kilometres south of the city centre. Primarily a residential area, St Martins is host to a small shopping mall complex situated on Wilsons Road, the main thoroughfare through the suburb.

There are a number of schools in the suburb, including Saint Martins School, Hillview Christian School and the Rudolf Steiner School. Other amenities are the Hansen, Centaurus and Saint Martins Parks.

The origin of the name is unclear. The most likely candidates are that it was named after a gathering held at Saint Martin's Hall in London immediately prior to the departure of the Canterbury pilgrims who came to settle the area, or that it was named for an area with which the original owner of the holdings (Henry Phillips) was connected.

Saint Martins is unbound by law. Waltham to the north, Beckenham to the west, Huntsbury and Murray Aynsley to the south and Opawa to the east.

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