St Mary Peak

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St Mary Peak
(Ngarri Mudlanha)
St Mary Peak2.jpg
St Mary Peak, view east from the summit
Highest point
Elevation1189 [1]
Coordinates31°30′14″S 138°33′00″E / 31.504°S 138.55°E / -31.504; 138.55Coordinates: 31°30′14″S 138°33′00″E / 31.504°S 138.55°E / -31.504; 138.55[2]
St Mary Peak (Ngarri Mudlanha) is located in South Australia
St Mary Peak (Ngarri Mudlanha)
St Mary Peak
(Ngarri Mudlanha)
St Mary Peak (Ngarri Mudlanha) is located in Australia
St Mary Peak (Ngarri Mudlanha)
St Mary Peak
(Ngarri Mudlanha)
St Mary Peak
(Ngarri Mudlanha) (Australia)
Parent rangeFlinders Ranges
Easiest routeHike

St Mary Peak (Adnyamathanha name: Ngarri Mudlanha) is a mountain located in the Australian state of South Australia on the northwestern side of Wilpena Pound. It is the highest peak in the Flinders Ranges and the eighth highest peak in South Australia, with a height of 1,189 metres (3,901 ft).[2] It is located within the Flinders Ranges National Park and the gazetted locality of Flinders Ranges, South Australia. It was formerly known as "St Mary's Peak", but was renamed according to guidelines deprecating the use of names implying possession.[3] Its former name remains in colloquial use.

The Adnyamathanha people have expressed concern with tourists trekking to St Mary Peak as they regard it as a sacred place and not to be visited.[4][5] However, the peak and its surroundings may be accessed via a walking trail from Wilpena Resort along the north-east edge of the range outside of Wilpena Pound, or via a longer trail through the middle of the pound.[6]

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