St Mary The Church of Our Lady, Merevale

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St. Mary The Church of Our Lady
Merevale Our Lady Church - - 480715.jpg
St. Mary The Church of Our Lady, Merevale
Denomination Church of England
Churchmanship Anglican
Website Kingsbury And Baxterley Churches
Diocese Diocese of Birmingham
Province Province of Canterbury
Vicar(s) Revd. Dr. John White
Churchwarden(s) Mr. Gerald Overton and Mrs. Ruth Taylor

St. Mary The Church of Our Lady Merevale is an historic parish church in Merevale, Warwickshire it is known for its Jesse window, it was originally part of Merevale Abbey but is now a Church of England parish church.


The Church was originally the gate house to the much larger Merevale Abbey which was founded in 1148 and was a Cistercestan Abbey the abbey was destroyed in the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII some traces of it remain today, The Gatehouse survived and became a Church of England parish church.



It is part of the Kingsbury and Baxterley group of churches along with Baxterley, Kingsbury, Hurley and Wood End, All five share the same Priest in Charge who is currently Revd. Dr John White.

It is the only church in the parish of Merevale with Bentley which has 4 exclaves (2 near Twycross, 1 near Sheepy Parva Both in Leicestershire and one in Hams Hall in Warwickshire).

It is part of the Deanery of Polesworth, Which is Part of the Arch Deanery of Aston.

It is the only Cistercian Gate Chapel to be open for regular weekly services throughout the year in the United Kingdom.

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