St Michael-le-Querne

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St Michael-le-Querne
The church in 1585
Country United Kingdom
Denomination Anglican, originally Roman Catholic
Parish boundary mark[1]
Current photo of site

St Michael-le-Querne, also called St Michael ad Bladum, was a church in the City of London.


Its dedication derives from a 12th-century reference[2] to it being near a place “where corn is sold".[3] Rebuilt in 1430,[4] and beautified in 1617,[5] the parish officers were re-appointed for the last time in July 1666.[6]


The Mortality Bill for the year 1665, published by the Parish Clerk’s Company, shows 97 parishes within the City of London.[7] By September 6 the city lay in ruins, 86 churches having been destroyed.[8] In 1670 a Rebuilding Act was passed and a committee set up under the stewardship of Sir Christopher Wren to decide which would be rebuilt.[9] Fifty-one were chosen, but St Michael-le-Querne immediately to the north east of Paternoster Row [10] in Farringdon Within Ward was one of the unlucky minority never to be rebuilt.[11] Following the fire it was united to St Vedast Foster Lane and partial records still survive at IGI.[12]


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51°30′46″N 0°5′51″W / 51.51278°N 0.09750°W / 51.51278; -0.09750Coordinates: 51°30′46″N 0°5′51″W / 51.51278°N 0.09750°W / 51.51278; -0.09750

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