List of halls of residence at the University of Reading

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This is a list of halls of residence at the University of Reading.

Wantage Hall[edit]

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Wantage Hall

Wantage Hall is a historic residence that was built in 1908. It is a listed building and was used during both World War I and II.[1][2][3]

St Patrick's Hall[edit]

Pearson Court, of St Patrick's Hall

St Patrick's Hall, founded in 1908 by R. L. Pearson as a private hostel,[4] and taken over in 1909 by the then 'University College, Reading',[5] is the second oldest hall of residence at the University of Reading. Professor V. Mallinson, who later became warden of Whiteknights Hall, observed that Pearson was in many ways a model warden who truly cared about his students and thus Mallinson tried to emulate his approach at Whiteknights.[6] The hall consists of Pearson Court (built in 1913 and named after the first warden) and New Court (opened in 1960 but recently refurbished).

The hall is situated west of Whiteknights Park (the university's main campus) on Northcourt Avenue. It is located in the Reading East UK Parliament constituency (Church Ward).[7]

The hall motto is "facta non forma" which is Latin for "deeds not image", and the hall colour is dark green. The hall crest features two snakes encircling a flame and is engraved on the wall above the study room in Pearson Court.

The hall celebrates St Patrick's Day with a formal ball on or around the day.

Whiteknights Hall[edit]

An experimental project by the University Grants Committee Architect's Group- two quads joined by dining hall and JCR 1963-5. Replacement proposed.

Benyon Hall[edit]

Bridges Hall[edit]

Demolished in 2012, then rebuilt and re-opened 2014.

Bulmershe Hall[edit]

Ceased in 2012. The Hall was on the site of Bulmershe Court, formerly the Bulmershe College of Higher Education, an institution taken over by the University of Reading in 1989. The Hall was converted into private flats when the University ceased operation on the campus in 2012.

Childs Hall[edit]

Dunsden Crescent[edit]

Greenow and McCombie[edit]

Mackinder Hall[edit]

Sherfield Hall[edit]

Stenton Hall[edit]

Stenton Townhouses[edit]

St George’s Hall[edit]

Wessex Hall[edit]

Windsor Hall[edit]


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