St Paul's College, Auckland

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St Pauls College, Auckland
183 Richmond Road,
Coordinates 36°51′15″S 174°44′14″E / 36.8542°S 174.7373°E / -36.8542; 174.7373Coordinates: 36°51′15″S 174°44′14″E / 36.8542°S 174.7373°E / -36.8542; 174.7373
Type Integrated Catholic Boys Secondary (Year 7-13)
Motto Confortare Esto Vir — take courage , be strong
Established 1955
Ministry of Education Institution no. 51
Principal Mark Rice
School roll 246[1] (November 2015)
Socio-economic decile 2E[2]

St Paul's College is a college for year 7 to 13 boys and offers a Catholic education to its students. It is located in the central Auckland suburb of Ponsonby. The school originates from 1903 when the Marist Brothers opened Sacred Heart College, Auckland on the site. In the early 1950s the school was split with part, taking the name of "Sacred Heart College", being relocated to Glen Innes. The remaining section was renamed St Paul's College (after the apostle Paul) and began operations in its current form in 1955. St Paul’s College celebrated its 50th Jubilee in 2005.


St Paul's College has a diverse, multicultural roll. In 2010 its ethnic composition was NZ European/Pakeha 3%, Māori 4%, Samoan 40%, Tongan 32%, Niuean 5%, Cook Island 8%.[3] The college excels in sporting and cultural activities. Academically, the school offers for senior years the National Certificate of Educational Achievement assessment system (NCEA)


The names and colours of the St Paul's College Houses are:

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