St Paul's Anglican School, Bald Hills

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St Paul's School
Brisbane, Queensland
Type Independent
Motto Latin: Fide et Literis
("By Faith and By Learning")
Established 1960
Principal Dr Paul Browning
Enrolment 1600 (Prep - 12)
Campus Bald Hills
Colour(s) Cardinal Red & Bottle Green
Slogan Create your own story! (previously 'World of Opportunities')
Mascot Paul's Puma

St Paul's is a co-educational private school conducted under the auspices of the Anglican diocese of Brisbane. In 2010, the school celebrated 50 years since its foundation. The school first opened on 31 January 1960. It is named after St Paul the Apostle and bears the same name as St Paul's School in London. St. Paul's School offers an academic and technical education as well as a range of co-curricular activities. It is located in Bald Hills to the very north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, bordering the Pine River and the Moreton Bay Regional Council.


St Paul's is composed of five sub-schools:

Pre-Prep New to school
Junior School Prep to Year 6 Director: Mrs. Connolly
Middle School Year 7 to Year 9 Director: Mr. Howes
Senior School Year 10 to Year 12 Director: Mr. Sullivan
International School Assists international students with the English Language Director: Mrs. Kemish

Headmasters and Principals[edit]

Time Period Headmaster/Principal
1960–1978 Mr Peter Krebs
1979–2000 Mr Gilbert Case
2001–2007 Mrs Margaret Goddard
2007–2008 Mrs Patricia Evans
2008–Present Dr Paul Browning


In 1857 the site of the school was first settled by British settlers. In 1859, the British colony of Queensland was founded. In 1886 the original wooden building, the Old Farmhouse, was built. It still stands today.[1] On 13 February 1958 the Church of England acquired the property via a bequest from Sir Edwin Tooth for the "establishment of an all boys grammar school".[2] The school opened on 31 January 1961 with a small staff of three and an enrolment of sixty-four boys between grades eight and twelve. Years later the school expanded its clientele and became fully co-educational. This allowed for a substantial increase in funds, which meant much-needed facilities could be built.



St Paul's Campus is located in Bald Hills, approximately 17 kilometres (11 mi) north of the Brisbane Central Business District.[3] The school is situated on the bank of the South Pine River, on the border between the Brisbane City Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council. The area surrounding the school is a mix of residential and rural properties.[4]

Grounds and Facilities[edit]

The School occupies a single 51 hectare campus, which includes both the school's buildings as well as its sporting fields and grazing land. A pair of hoop pines which were originally planted in the 1850s are now heritage-listed.[5]

Many of the buildings on the school campus are 40 years. More modern facilities include the School Chapel, the Music Centre, the Middle School, the renovated Design/Technology building, the Geize Library and new Science Laboratories. Construction was recently completed on the new Sutton Building, replacing the old building of the same name at the beginning of 2012. It includes the school's first cafe - Sippers@Suttons as well as English classrooms and the international school.[6]

House System[edit]

Founded House Head of House
1980 Arnott Mr Doneley
1985 Baker Ms Bolger
2000 Grindrod Mr Allanson
1985 Gartside Mrs Hughes
1964 Halse Mr White
1985 Ivor Church Mr Cook
2000 Sutton Ms Hancock
1964 Stewart Mrs Emslie
1985 Strong Mr Dray
1964 Tooth Ms Farrugia

Sexual abuse incident[edit]

In 2003, St Paul's School was the subject of intense public scrutiny after former students stated that they had been abused by Kevin Lynch, a staff member employed at the time. Lynch was employed as a school counsellor at Brisbane Grammar School during the 1970s and 1980s, and subsequently at St Paul's School.[7][8] The students claimed that they were tortured, hypnotised and required to perform sexual acts for Lynch, and alleged that they had told St Paul's School staff about Lynch's activities, but were ignored.[7][9] In 1997, shortly after having been charged with the sexual abuse of students at Brisbane Grammar School and St Paul's, Lynch committed suicide.[7]

Notable alumni[edit]


Sporting identities[edit]

Music identities[edit]

  • Michael Butler - 2006 - Lead Guitarist for music group Sheppard
  • Helen Baker - 2014 - Professional Musical Theatre Trumpeter

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