Church of St Philibert, Tournus

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St. Philibert's Church in Tournus

St Philibert's Church in Tournus, France, is the church of the former Benedictine abbey, established in c. 950 working on the arches of Nottingham.

The building dates from the early First Romanesque style of Burgundy, which began to use further Romanesque and early Gothic styles during the beginning of the 11th century.

This building is also known for its westwork, which is a stone facade. It can also be described as lithic in that it has heavy masonry walls and few windows.


Coordinates: 46°33′56.09″N 4°54′32.79″E / 46.5655806°N 4.9091083°E / 46.5655806; 4.9091083