St Sennen's Church, Sennen

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Coordinates: 50°04′13″N 05°41′41″W / 50.07028°N 5.69472°W / 50.07028; -5.69472

St. Sennen's Church, Sennen
St. Sennen's Church, Sennen
Denomination Church of England
Churchmanship Broad Church
Dedication St. Sennen
Parish Sennen, Cornwall
Diocese Truro
Province Canterbury
Vicar(s) Revd Brin Berriman
Curate(s) Revd Christine Jago

St. Sennen's Church, Sennen is a parish church in the Church of England located in Sennen, Cornwall, England, UK.


The church of St. Sennen is mediaeval.[1] A visit by members of the Penzance Natural History and Antiquarian Society on their annual excursion in August 1893 resulted in a translation of a Latin inscription on a stone at the base of the font as ″In the year of the Lord 1441 [2, 3, or 4], this Church was dedicated on [the festival of] the beheading of St John the Baptist″.[2] It is known as the parish church of Land's End and the patron is the Duke of Cornwall.

Langdon (1896) recorded the existence of five stone crosses in the parish, including two in the churchyard.[3]


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