St Stephen's Green station

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St Stephen's Green

Faiche Stiabhna
Green Line trams at Stephen's Green West
Republic of Ireland
Coordinates53°20′17″N 6°15′33″W / 53.33806°N 6.25917°W / 53.33806; -6.25917Coordinates: 53°20′17″N 6°15′33″W / 53.33806°N 6.25917°W / 53.33806; -6.25917
Owned byLuas
Operated byLuas
Line(s)1 (Luas Green line)
Structure typeAt-grade
Key dates
30 June 2004Station opened
2016Station upgrade begins
9 December 2017Luas Cross City services commence

St Stephen's Green is a station on the Green Line of the Dublin LUAS (tram) system. Originally opened in 2004, it was further developed as part of the Luas Cross City project between 2013 and 2017.


Green line[edit]

From the opening of the Luas Green Line in 2004 until December 2017, St Stephen's Green station served as the northern terminus of the line to Brides Glen, with a stop located on the western side of St Stephen's Green.[1]

Cross city extension[edit]

In 2017 an extension of the Luas Green Line was opened, crossing the River Liffey, and intersecting with the Red Line at the junction between O'Connell Street and Abbey Street, terminating at Broombridge, interconnecting with the Irish Rail Broombridge railway station.[2] Named the "Luas Cross City line", this project was announced in 2011 as part of the government's 2012–16 Infrastructure and Capital Investment Plan.[3] Construction work for the Rosie Hackett Bridge across the River Liffey began in April 2012, with this bridge carrying the southbound Luas Cross City track.[4] The existing St. Stephen's Green stop on the Luas Green Line subsequently became a through-point for the new line,[5] with the stop's platforms extended to accommodate the proposed introduction of longer trams in 2018.[6] The extension opened on 9 December 2017,[5] with the St. Stephen's Green stop remaining operational throughout the works.[7]


Plans for the proposed Dublin Metro called for St Stephen's Green to be used as the southern terminus of a line to Belinstown,[8] with a tunnel at the north-western corner of the park. While originally targeted for 2013,[9] these plans were subsequently indefinitely deferred.[10] Similar plans for a DART network extension proposed an underground stop at St Stephen's Green. Though targeted to start in 2015,[11] these works were also indefinitely deferred.[10]

In March 2018, the Dublin Metro was rebranded under the name "Metrolink", and proposed to run from Swords in the north to Sandyford in the south, passing through the City Centre and Dublin Airport. Metrolink plans call for an underground station to be built on the Eastern end of St Stephen's Green - potentially allowing passengers to cut through the park to connect with the Luas station.[12]

Preceding station   Luas   Following station
Dawson   Green Line   Harcourt
Preceding station   Dublin Metro   Following station
Tara Street   Metrolink   Charlemont
Luas (Typ Alstom Citadis 401) at St Stephen’s Green station


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