St Thoma's Church, Thuruthur (Diocese of Kottapuram)

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Thuruthur is a small hill also known as Mount Sinai by the early Jews who came to Crangannore Middle East for the spice trade. It is believed that many Jews came to this place for their prayers since this place was known as Mount Sinai. According to early Jewish historic documents it is stated that there was a Jewish synagogue for prayers for the merchants who came for spice trade. It is believed traditionally that St. Thomas visited this place called Mount Sinai for prayers, after landing in Musiris/Kodungalloor. St. Thomas preached the gospel of Jesus in this area and spread the good news to the surrounding areas. After the assassination of Apostle Thomas by a Hindu fanatic, the Christian communities established by St. Thomas flourished all over Kerala and different parts of India.

There is a well spread tradition in this locality that when St. Thomas came to this hill/ Mount Sinai he found a miraculous spring which in later years became a well, which never dries even in the scorching summer of South India. The water from this miraculous well has lots of healing stories to be told. There are so many witness stories about different healings from many ailments. People of different faith also come to have a share in this blessing which they receive by pouring water from this well.

There was a small shrine which was made with palm leaves and it was made by one early believer called Raphael Kunnathur (Kunnumpuram Raphael). It was under Ambazhakkad forane,of Syrian Christians and Later during the times of Latinisation, it was added as a sub station to Thuruthipuram Parish., and hence become a Latinc hurch. One miraculous and holy night people of the area (early Christians) heard the bells of the church chiming and as they came to the church they saw a powerful divine aura around the head of the statue of St. Thomas. The property which was under the name of Kunnumpram family was registered to the Church only in 1990s, during the administrative period of Rev Fr Michael Thaleketty. The renovated church as seen today is constructed under the effective leadership of Rev Fr Jaiju Elenjikkal